November 10, 2016

Want to upgrade your beauty game? Here are a few quick and easy beauty hacks that will transform your style.

beauty hacks

Best Beauty Hacks: Brow Mascara

Have a few sparse spots on your brows? Forget the elaborate powder and wax routine. Use a hydrating product like glo-minerals Brow Gel for an instant and natural looking coverage.

Best Beauty Hacks: Use Contrasting Concealer


Forget about flesh toned concealer. If you want to tackle skin issues head on, get smart! Use contrasting colours to cancel out unwanted discolorations. Here’s how: Use yellow for pink: Yellow concealer hides pink skin, under-eye circles, and bruises. Use green for red: Green concealer hides rosacea and red blemishes. Use lavender for yellow: Lavender concealer hides dark under-eye circle and sallow complexions. For a fast fix, keep a concealer kit handy in your bag. We love glo-minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit. It’s got yellow, green and lavender concealers for your toughest beauty issues. There’s also a neutral colour concealer for minor skin imperfections.

Best Beauty Hacks: Brighten Up with Triangles

Not into heavy makeup? Brighten up your skin by drawing triangles under your eyes with concealer. Blend well.

contour-kit Best Beauty Hacks: Learn the '3' Contouring Trick

Think contouring is hard? You need this trick! For a quick and natural looking contour, apply a three shape over the side of your face. Dark bronzers should go over your temples, cheekbones and jawline. Add a light highlighter on the places where light would naturally hit your face, like the bridge of your nose and the centre of your forehead. Try the glo-minerals Contour Kit for a quick and easy palette.

Best Beauty Hacks: Learn the Art of Baking

Want to check out the latest celeb style trend baking? Here’s how you can get flawless skin with this cool new makeup method:
  1. Apply eye cream.
  2. Layer on a thick concealer under your eyes like glo-minerals Under Eye Concealer.
  3. Blend with a damp makeup sponge.
  4. Add more concealer.
  5. Dust on a good translucent powder like glo-minerals Loose Matte Finishing Powder.
  6. Mist setting spray onto a makeup sponge, dip it into loose powder then apply more powder to your skin.
  7. Bake it! Wait for ten minutes while the makeup sets into your skin.
  8. Use a fluffy brush to add on one last thin layer of pressed powder and blend away the obvious edges.

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