5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

August 01, 2018

Get ready as you are about to hear the top tips for a quick and efficient weight loss! This set of pieces of advice has been tested and has been proven to be efficient by helping our readers lose the extra kilos. Although some of these recommendations may come across as rather primitive and straightforward, believe us when we say it – it does wonder if combined with an active lifestyle and a couple of days a week spent at the gym. Weight Loss 5 Tips: throw all your goodies in the bin 1. Throw all the goodies in the bin A pack of crisps, some sweets and a chocolate bar. Get rid of all this stuff which you crave the most. No doubt, dieting and weight loss, in general, require a strong power of will but believe us it’s worth every second of it in the end. “If you already know that by midnight you will sneak into the kitchen and munch away all the cake left over from last night, then throw them away straight away”, - says Lily Taylor, who has lost over 20kg in less than 1 years. Instead of this, leave a couple of fresh fruit to treat yourself for dessert. 2. Monitor your progress Start your daily diary where you will monitor everything (and we mean everything, including the piece of pizza that you’ve shamelessly nicked from your friend’s plate at lunch). This way you will see where all your calories are coming from. A recent study has shown that in this way you can lose up to twice as many calories per day. 3. Don’t skip breakfast Yes, we know that you have probably heard this millions of times before and that you take this tip sceptically. It is true, the scientists are yet to prove whether skipping breakfast actually correlates with weight gain or not. However, ask anyone who has ever successfully lost weight – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 5 Weight loss tips - Don’t skip breakfast 4. Become a person of habit Heavy variations in your diet may affect your sense of satiety and make you overeat. Let your menu be delicious but monotonous at the same time. The best way around it is to eat the same healthy food (healthy diet) during the weekdays and allow yourself to try something new during the weekends. 5. Focus on High-Intensity Interval Training at the gym HIIT cardio has been proven by science to be by far the best way to burn fat and weight loss. HIIT cardio is known by repeated short bursts of high-intensity work such as cycling, burpees or sprinting followed by recovery of the heart rate. Combining cardio and power training may actually achieve the same effect.



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