November 09, 2020

Did you know that the average woman spends roughly $225,360 on beauty over the course of her lifetime? 

Want to know another interesting fact? A good portion of this is for facials and skin care treatments.

If you are a salon, clinic, or spa, this is good news. But did you also know, even the best facial treatments can fall flat if the client doesn't have a comprehensive skin care routine to maintain the results?

What's more, cold weather skin problems can wreak havoc on even the most professionally pampered faces. Winter isn't a forgiving time, and a misguided skin care routine can lead to dry, scaly skin. 

If you would like to advise your clients on the best way to take care of their skin between treatments, you need to make sure you are giving them comprehensive advice that is tailored for winter's dry conditions. 

Ready to learn about the top 9 mistakes to avoid when recommending a winter skin care routine? Keep reading. 

1. Incorporating Harsh Scrubs

It's common knowledge that exfoliating is key to brightening up dull skin—a notorious cold weather skin issue. However, there is such a thing as too much and too harsh when it comes to exfoliation, especially in winter. 

Overly harsh exfoliation in winter, when the skin is dry and more sensitive, can be damaging and counterproductive. 

If you are advising clients on wintertime exfoliation, stress the importance of swapping out any aggressive scrubs they may have used in summer for gentler options, such as an enzyme scrub

2. Ditching the SPF

When advising clients on the best skin care for cold weather, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of incorporating sun protection. While many people might focus diligently on applying sunscreen during summer, it can be easy to forget that winter's sun rays can be just as damaging. 

Sources state that harmful UVB rays can damage skin equally in winter as during summer. What's more, if snow and ice are present, this can increase reflection and amplify the sun's negative effects.

Ensure your clients aren't inadvertently exposing their skin to sun damage and premature ageing during the winter by recommending a good sunscreen that can be applied under makeup or with other skincare products. 

3. Cleansing With Very Hot or Very Cold Water

Most beauticians and skin technicians know that very hot or very cold water is not beneficial for cleansing. However, do your client's know this?

During winter, it can be tempting to use hot water on one's skin. Unfortunately, hot water can be extremely drying and heighten skin sensitivity. Winter saps the skin of moisture as it is. Cleansing with hot water will make matters even worse.

For clients who avoid this, make sure that they also aren't going in the opposite direction and using water straight from the cold tap. With plummeting temperatures, water in cold pipes can become overly cold for the face. 

While cold water can have some benefits for the skin, continued use of overly cold water can lead to broken blood vessels and burst capillaries. 

4. Waiting Too Long to Moisturize

Want to know what is one of the best cold-weather skin care tips you can give your clients? 

Not delaying moisturising after cleansing. During cleansing, the skin starts to absorb moisture from the water. If a moisturizer is applied directly afterwards, the barrier it creates will lock in this moisture. 

However, if one waits too long after cleansing the absorbed moisture will evaporate out, leaving the skin dryer than it was before. 

5. Not Swapping in a Richer Moisturizer

To counteract the dreaded cold weather dry skin syndrome, it's essential to recommend a richer moisturizer during winter. 

Many people suffer from dry skin in winter. Even those who have oily skin. Clients who are prone to dry skin will most likely automatically be seeking a richer moisturizer. 

However, clients who have oily skin might not notice the dehydration happening. There is a difference between oily skin and hydrated skin, but this can be unintuitive for a lot of people. 

Hydrated skin contains increased moisture levels, and looks plumper and healthier than dehydrated, but oily skin.

Make sure all your clients (even those who battle with excessive oil production) understand the importance of a winter-grade moisturizer.

Clients with mature and dry skin should look at incorporating a rejuvenating and rich moisturizer. Oily skin types can try an oil-free moisturizer if they are concerned about excess oil. If a client has combination skin, you can recommend a balancing moisturizer

6. Not Catering to the Lips

One of the most common skin conditions triggered by cold weather is chapped lips. As the skin of the lips does not have pores or oil glands, it is especially susceptible to the drying effects of winter conditions. 

If you want to give your clients one of the top cold-weather skin care tips, remind them to pay extra attention to moisturizing their lips during the colder months. If they are looking for an effective moisturizing and protective lip product, you can recommend Glo Lip Revival.

8. Not Emphasizing the Importance of Drinking Water

What do hydration and beauty have in common? For one, they both start from the inside out. One of the key components to combating dry skin is hydrating and drinking water. 

It's very easy to forget to drink water in winter, but our bodies need it just much as in summer. When the body is dehydrated, so is the skin. This can lead to fine lines and overall dryness. 

Therefore, if you want your clients to enjoy glowing skin for longer—make sure you remind them about the importance of hydration. 

Beat Cold Weather Skin Issues for Your Clients With the Right Tips and Products

Want to be your clients' skin care hero? Share these top cold-weather skin care tips and products with them so they can implement an effective winter-friendly skin care routine. 

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To take advantage of our professional treatments and home care products, browse our online skincare department today.

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