What is makeup baking?

What is makeup baking?

October 06, 2016

baking-makeup-trend Forget about contouring! The latest and greatest trend in the beauty industry is makeup baking. Loved by celebrities and beauty bloggers, this trend is set to take over. Baking makeup is incredibly easy. Ready to hop on the bandwagon? All you need is eye cream, concealer, translucent powder and pressed powder. Here’s a quick step by step guide to baking makeup the right way.

baking makeup

Step one: Hydrate

It’s really important to start with moisturised skin. Dab on a face cream like glo-therapeutics Moisture Rich Cream then on top apply glo-therapeutics Cyto Luxe Eye Cream to get your eyes prepped. This will minimise any fine lines around your eyes so you won’t have to worry about creases.

Step two: Conceal

When considering baking makeup products, thick concealer is essential. Go for a cake-free formula like glo-minerals Under Eye Concealer.

baking makeup

Step three: Do it again!

Add on your second layer of concealer then blend it in with a damp makeup sponge. Be sure to blend out any creases before you move to the next step. Yep, this is a lot of product but that’s the whole point in baking makeup. Trust us, just stick with it and you’ll be blown away by the results.

Step four: Add translucent powder

Use a fluffy brush to add on a thick layer of translucent powder. Be sure to cover every bit of concealer. For a flawless finish, try the glo-minerals Luxe Setting Powder.

Step five: Set It

baking makeup

The final step to baking makeup is to grab a makeup sponge and spritz it with setting spray. Take the damp sponge and use it to pack the loose powder all over your under eye area. At this point, you should have a very obvious patch of makeup under your eyes.

Step six: Wait it out

Now that you’ve got all of the hard work behind you, you just need to wait for your makeup to set. Plan on about ten minutes. Of course, the best thing about baking makeup is that uses your natural warmth to create the final effect. Forget pricey and complicate tools. This is real DIY beauty.

Step seven: Dust yourself off

Grab your fluffy makeup brush one last time and dust on some glo-minerals Perfecting Powder. Swirl the brush around your under eye area and slowly blend the edges outward to prevent any tell tale edges between your foundation and your “cooked” under eye area.



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