June 10, 2020

Black Skin Care: How to Care for the Darker Skin Tones

Wherever you look, most skin care products and tips are geared toward lighter-skinned women. But in the UK and Wales, black people make up 3.3% of the population, mixed ethnic groups make up 2.2%, and other ethnic groups make up 1.0%.

That makes 6.5% of the population who need skin care products and tips that aren't geared towards light Caucasian skin!

But don't worry; we've got you. If you need some black skin care tips, then keep reading. We'll cover how to get beautiful black skin so you can look absolutely radiant.

Cleanse Daily

One of the first tips you should know on skin care for black women is you should cleanse your skin every day. The best time to do this is after your shower.

Find a cleanser that's gentle on the skin and not too heavy with ingredients, such as one that's "noncomedogenic" or made of micellar water. The latter can even act as a makeup remover that won't dry out your skin.

Massage it into your skin and then rinse the cleanser off with warm water. To avoid damaging your skin, pat your face dry instead of rubbing it.

Make sure you avoid using scrubs or other exfoliating products, at least on your face. These can end up to be way too harsh on your skin, which will make it look even more dried out and ashen.

If you feel like you must exfoliate the skin on other parts of your body, make sure to be very conservative in how often you do it. Try to stick to once a week if possible and look for highly moisturising and gentle products as well.

Moisturise Daily Too

Cleansing your skin will ensure its rid of any dirt, debris, and excess oils. But it'll also strip your skin of its natural oils; this is especially true with black skin, which loses moisture at higher rates than lighter skin does.

To ensure your skin stays hydrated and radiant, you'll need to apply moisturiser after using a cleanser. The most effective moisturisers have glycerin and hyaluronic acid, so look for those when picking up this product.

If you have sensitive skin, then try to look for moisturisers (and other products) that are fragrance-free. Often, the added scents can irritate sensitive skin.

We mentioned that you should moisturise after using a cleanser, but consider moisturising at least twice a day for the maximum effects.

Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

No matter what colour your skin is, you always need to protect against sunlight whenever you're outside.

Contrary to popular belief, black people can, in fact, get skin cancer. While it's not as common, it does still happen. So this means you should still do everything you can to ward off the sun's harmful effects.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to slather sun cream all over your face. In fact, that's a bad idea.

Sun cream is full of heavy ingredients that can clog up the pores in your skin. What you should do is either opt for sun cream made especially for your face or find makeup products that have SPF in them. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone; you can fight off UV rays while applying flawless makeup.

It may be a good idea to include sun cream as part of your daily regimen. After all, it wouldn't hurt to be vigilant about UV protection!

Nip Acne in the Bud

People of all skin types can be prone to acne. In any case, it's important to tackle it head-on as soon as it rears its ugly head. If you're able to treat it successfully at the beginning, then you don't have to worry as much about breakouts that'll ruin your skin.

If you follow a regular skin care routine that includes thorough cleansing and moisturising, there's a good chance you'll reduce breakouts.

But if your acne is pretty bad, you'll want to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. They'll be able to assess your condition, as well as your medical history. From there, they may be able to either suggest some helpful lifestyle changes and/or prescription medications to help.

Start With Antiaging Products Early On

Who says antiaging products are only for older women? Skin care for black skin should include antiaging products, even if you're only in your 20s or 30s.

It's true that black skin tends to retain its youthfulness for longer since there are more oils present. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't look into retinol products early on.

Once you find one that has plenty of antioxidants, not only can it keep your skin looking stunning, but it can also help you fight off those pesky wrinkles and spots.

Everyone's always looking for the secret to not ageing, and this is it. If you start early, then you'll be able to retain the condition of your beautiful skin for longer.

Follow These Black Skin Care Tips for a Glowing Look

When you follow our black skin care tips, you'll be able to keep your skin looking its best. Not only that, but you can also fight against the effects of time and retain that youthful look you enjoy.

While it'll take a little bit of extra worth for your skin care regimen, it'll all be worth it when you see noticeable results. All your friends will wonder what your secret is!

Now that you know about skin care for black skin, the next step is to get some great makeup. Take a look at our collection now to get started.

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