July 17, 2017

So, your big day is coming up, but you don't want to go to a makeup artist for your bridal makeup. Well, you're in luck because we've created a super easy bridal makeup tutorial for you. While there are bride-to-be's who prefer to go to a makeup artist for their bridal makeup, we know a lot of ladies who just don't feel comfortable with that, and much prefer doing their own makeup. Follow this simple bridal makeup tutorial to create a timeless and classic look that'll enhance your natural beauty. bridal makeup tutorial


A primer should always be the first step in any makeup routine. It ensures that your complexion is even and your foundation will last all day. In addition, it also helps to add a little extra coverage where needed. For example, the Tinted Primer can help to add a touch of colour and radiance to your skin, for an even skin tone. Whilst, the Mattifying Primer can help by ensuring your skin stays oil-free and matte all day.


For your foundation, the Pressed Base is guaranteed to provide you with everything you need. It's ideal for all skin types and skin conditions and provides a buildable coverage so you're in total control of product placement. Additionally, this powder foundation is a non-comedogenic formulation that nourishes the skin. It's talc-free, paraben-free and packed with antioxidants to give you flawless skin with or without makeup.

Bronzer, Blusher and Highlight

We recommend going easy on the contour and highlight for your big day. A soft glow is all you need, so take your favourite bronzer and apply a subtle amount to your cheekbones across your forehead and your jawline for a bit of natural depth. Again with your highlight, we'd add just a touch to the tops of your cheekbones for a subtle radiance. Follow this with blusher, blending the product up towards the temples. We prefer to apply our blusher after our highlighter as the two blend better and it gives your highlight the appearance of a more natural glow.


bridal makeup tutorial

For your eyes, a golden-bronzey smokey eye is timeless for bridal makeup.
  • Start by applying a Shadow Primer to the lids. Then set this with a loose translucent powder to help your eyeshadows blend more easily.
  • Next get your Smoky Eye Kit – Warm and apply the top right shade with an Eye Blender Brush into the crease as your transition shade.
  • To deepen the crease for added dimension, take the bottom left shade. Use a Crease Brush and build up the colour in your crease using windshield wiper motions.
  • Add a bit more intensity to your smokey eye by applying the darkest shade in the palette to the outer 'v' of your eye with a Mini Crease Brush.
  • To tie up the look add a small amount of this same shade right under your lower lashline.
  • Make sure to blend out any harsh lines and achieve a diffused, subtle look by using your Eye Blender Brush and blending out the outer v and your lower lash line.
  • Then in the inner 3 quarters pack on the lightest shade across the lid and on your lower lashline. Using the Eye Base Brush you can make the eyeshadow shade more pigmented by spritzing a little a face spray onto your brush before dipping into the eyeshadow powder.
  • Line your upper lashline with a very thin layer of liquid liner to make your lashes look thicker.
  • Finally, swipe on a few layers of your favourite mineral mascara for gorgeously long lashes.


You want your lips to be natural for your bridal makeup.
  • For fair to medium skin tones, we recommend the Suede Matte Crayon in Monogram or Trademark.
  • For medium to dark skin tones choose the Suede Matte Crayon in Demure. If you dislike the feeling of wearing lip products, avoid anything with a thick or glossy texture.
  • If you prefer a more glossy lip, go for the Cream Glaze Crayon in Chiffon or Mimosa. It provides a high-shine finish with none of the stickiness of a lip gloss!
To ensure any makeup look is flawless you need your skin to be healthy. Check out our skin care routine for brides here to ensure your bridal beauty is unparalleled.

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