May 24, 2017

We love the elegance and glamour that celebs bring to the Cannes red carpet and this year was no different! With so many stunning dresses and gorgeous beauty looks it was tough to pick out a favourite. But our winner ended up being the beautiful Eva Longoria who wore a stunning Marchesa dress. Though, it was her makeup look that really had us swooning. We love the bold coloured winged liner looks she loves to play with and this one was just as pretty. A pretty glitter blue cat eye with contoured cheeks and a nude lip. It's something we'd definitely want to try for a glam evening out. So check out how we recreated this makeup look with mineral makeup below! Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria's 2017 Cannes Makeup Look

  • To get Eva Longoria's gorgeously full-yet-natural-looking eyebrows, start by brushing through your brows with a Spoolie Brush. If there are few particularly stubborn, unruly hairs our little trick is to scrape our Spoolie Brush on a bar of soap and then run it through the hairs. This helps to set any stragglers in place without setting the brow completely.
  • Next, you will need the Brow Quad and a Dual Brow Brush. The Brow Quad comes with two brow powder shades so you can customise the perfect colour to match your eyebrows. Taking the larger end of the Dual Brow Brush fill in any sparse hairs and define your brows to your liking.
  • Then take the smaller end of the brush and apply the wax from your eyebrow kit. This will set the hairs in place and ensure the longevity of your brow makeup.
Not too confident about eyebrow makeup? Follow our easy 6-step eyebrow tutorial.
BaseEva Longoria
Contour and Highlight
  • To recreate Eva Longoria's simultaneously contoured and strobed skin, you will first need your contour palette and a Contour/Highlight Brush. Using the round end of the brush, apply the darker shades to the hollows of your cheekbones, across your forehead, down the sides of your nose and along your jawline and chin.
  • Although, contour placement does depend on your face shape. So, check out the ideal contouring technique you need to implement for your face shape here.
  • What's more, remember that when choosing a contour shade, it should be two shades darker than your complexion.
  • For that gorgeous highlight, get your Dust 24k and the shade that will most suit your skin tone. Then taking a Fan Brush, sweep it just above your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose for that ultra-glowy skin look.
  • We like to then blend our blusher into the apples of our cheeks, after our highlighter application, so that the highlight blends into the look and appears more natural.
  • For her lips, Eva Longoria went for a pretty matte pinky-nude. You can recreate this shade with the Suede Matte Crayon in Demure.

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