May 09, 2017

We know your dirty little secret! So many of us are guilty of not cleaning makeup brushes frequently, whether out of sheer laziness or lack of time. But cleaning your brushes is a crucial step towards clean, healthy skin. When you apply makeup with brushes, the oils from your face get between the bristles and can generate bacteria growth and germs. As a result, dirty brushes can wreak havoc on your skin, increasing your chance of breakouts or causing inflamed, irritated skin. Read our top tips on cleaning makeup brushes below; from the how-to to the how often. The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

The Basics of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

  • Wash at least every 2 weeks
  • Use Baby Shampoo for a deep clean
  • Use Brush Cleanser spray between uses
  • Don't completely submerge your brushes into water
  • Avoid drying brushes upright
  • Don't squeeze the bristles dry

Cleaning Makeup Brushes After Each Use

When you use products like the glo-minerals Elemental Eye Collection or the glo-minerals Contour Kit, it’s important to clean your brush between colours. If you just give your brush a quick wipe, you’re going to end up with muddied colours both on your face and in your palette. Fast drying alcohol-based cleaners are perfect for cleaning your brushes in a flash. All you need to do is give your brush a quick spritz then move it back and forth a couple of times over a tissue and you are ready to go! While it will add a couple extra minutes to your routine, it is well worth it. cleaning makeup brushes

Brush Cleaner Options

There are lots of great brush cleaning products out there but you can get good equally good results from a DIY brush cleaning mix. All you need is a little bit of baby soap and warm water. Just swirl your brush around and dry it on a tissue. Plan to do a deep cleaning like this once a month and leave them to dry overnight. When you’re working with brushes like the glo-minerals Liquid Foundation Brush, use a dot of olive oil to break down the oil on your brush before you wash it. Just add the oil, wipe it clean with a tissue then add it to the bath.

Deep Cleaning Makeup Brushes

You should be giving your makeup brushes a thorough cleanse fortnightly. The quick spritz of a brush cleaner isn't enough to truly root out the bacteria. It's just a good way to get the colour off for a clean look. A deep clean ensure that your makeup brushes are free of germs, oil and any other nasty bacteria that you don't want to transfer back to your skin! Plus, by taking proper care of your brushes you won't just be helping your skin but your pocket too! As if you look after them well they can last you for ages without the need for replacements!
  1. First, rinse the brush hairs under lukewarm water. Make sure to keep the handle away from water and stick to washing the bristles only. This is because if the ferrule (the metal part) becomes wet, the water can loosen the glue leading to bristles shedding and the handle swelling and cracking.
  2. Add a drop of baby shampoo into your palm, and swirl the brush around in it to coat each hair. (We also recommend wearing disposable latex gloves so as not to strip your skin of moisture.)
  3. Next, rinse the soapy brush bristles in the water and watch the satisfying moment as product is released and swirls down the drain. Depending on how dirty your brush is, you may need to repeat the cleansing steps.
  4. Once you're satisfied the brush is completely clean, reshape the brush head. You’ll want to watch the shape of the brush and work with it. Round brushes like the glo-minerals Blender Brush should be cleaned and dried by swirling in a circular pattern while flat brushes like the glo-minerals Eye Definer Brush need to be dragged side to side.
  5. Lay your brushes flat on a towel to dry. Take note that the denser the brush, the longer it takes to dry. So don't clean your brushes a few hours before you need to use them again, as they most likely won't be dry yet! We recommend leaving them overnight.
Not sure what brushes you need? Check out our makeup brush guide.

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