May 04, 2017

Do you suffer from dark circles, unwanted blemishes or pigmentation? Whatever skin problem you may have we can solve it for you! All you need is a little concealer and knowing what colours you need to neutralise your skin.concealer

Perfecting Your Skin Tone

Concealers can be used in two ways:
1. To Cover Up:
• Concealer is applied in a colour lighter or the same colour as the skin to cover up the undesirable feature.
2. In Colour Theory:
• Complementary colours (colour theory) are used to hide or alter unwanted facial features. • Attention is drawn to positive features and less-desirable features are concealed Different skin issues require different colours and concealer options, which can raise issues when choosing your concealer colour. Check out the list below to find your skin solution:

Skin Issue

Colour of Skin

Concealer Options


Red, Red-Violet

Red Cheeks

Red, Pink

Under-Eye Circles #1


Under-Eye Circles #2


Under-Eye Circles #3


Veins #1


Veins #2



Brown, Blue-brown


White, Pink


White, Brown



Clinical Camouflaging: Before & Afters

These 3 trial and tested examples display the effectiveness of covering skin conditions and how easy it is for you to achieve yourself!
Rosacea Camouflage Technique
Skin Issue: This lady has several uneven tones of red and pink in her skin due to her skin condition. rosaceaBA
Aim: To even out skin tone and reduce visible redness to camouflage her skin
Do It Yourself: Begin by using Camouflage Oil Free in 'Beige' to tone down areas with the most redness. To conceal under eye circles, use Under Eye Concealer in 'Beige'. Neutralise and camouflage the remaining redness with the appropriate shade of Pressed Base for your skin and use the Ultra Brush for even application.
Acne Camouflage Technique
Skin Issue: This lady has acne flare-up from time to time. acneBA
Aim: Camouflage the visible acne and create a flawless skin tone, especially on the cheek area where the flare-up is most visible.
Do It Yourself: Begin by using Camouflage Oil Free in 'Natural' or 'Beige' to even out red tones. Neutralise blue pigment under the eyes with a light application of Under Eye Concealer in 'Beige'. A light application of Pressed Base in an appropriate shade with the Powder Brush sufficiently covers any remaining traces of acne and evens out the skin tone.
Melasma/Hyperpigmentation Camouflage Technique
Skin Issue: This lady suffers from skin discoloration. melasmaBA
Aim: Camouflage darker areas of skin and create an even skin tone are the primary goals for this makeup application.
Do It Yourself: This skin condition requires evening out the complexion with a combination of Under Eye Concealer and Camouflage Oil Free applications. Stipple on Camouflage in 'Golden' to hide the hyperpigmented areas of skin. Apply Under Eye Concealer in 'Golden' to conceal under eye circles. Finish with an application of the appropriate base to even out overall skin tone.
Not sure what the appropriate base is for you? Read our Foundation Guide series to find your ideal match: Identifying your skin's undertone and the appropriate foundation shade: HERE Colour Matching Techniques: HERE

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