How-To Contour For A Natural Look

How-To Contour For A Natural Look

December 07, 2017

When some people think contour, they are put off by the over dramatic heavy "tiger stripe" contouring seen regularly over social media. Don't be put off by this! When used in the correct way, contouring and highlighting can bring beautiful shape to the face and really highlight your favourite features. Check out our video below and simple step-by-step guide.

Natural Contour Tutorial

  1. First create the perfect base, depending on your skin type. Follow one of our tutorials for either dry skin, oily skin or combination skin.
  2. For this look the glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit, in shade Medium to Dark, was used.
  3. Using both contour shades combined, sweep along the natural contours of the face. Around the hairline, along the jawline and underneath the cheekbones. If your unsure of how to contour for your face shape, check out our guide here.
  4. Combine both of the highlight shade for the next step. Sweep these softly over anywhere natural light would hit. This would be the bridge of the nose, tops of the cheekbones and centre of the forehead. Both steps 3 & 4 are best completed using a Dual End Contour/Highlight Brush.



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