Why don’t all Glo Skin Beauty foundations claim SPF?

Why don’t all Glo Skin Beauty foundations claim SPF?

September 15, 2016


A question we often come across from customers is, ‘Why don’t some of your foundations claim SPF?' And, that's a great question! All of our bases were originally formulated and tested for SPF. Our Pressed Base and Loose Base tested as SPF18+ and our Protecting Powder as SPF30.

So why don't all our foundations claim SPF?

Making our foundations claim SPF requires testing with every production batch. The FDA informed us several years ago that they were reviewing SPF claims for powder products. They researched whether various powders really provided the same type of SPF protection compared to SPF in a cream/liquid formula. As a result, making this claim would be at our risk. So, we decided to not make an SPF claim on these products until we had greater insight into the direction the FDA was taking. With that said, some competitive products continue to make SPF claims on powder formulas as the FDA has not yet made an official ruling. We understand an SPF claim is a great benefit and selling point, so, we are currently looking into adding this to some base products - keep in mind testing would have to start all over, so it would take some time even if we do go that route...

why dont these foundations claim SPF

In the meantime, what do we do?

Our education team refer to our mineral bases as "insurance for your sunscreen"! They contain Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide which are two ingredients known as mineral sunscreens. Now, you may or may not be aware, these two ingredients serve multiple purposes. Titanium Dioxide, in addition to being a sunscreen agent, also serves as a thickener, colorant, and lubricant- helping to protect a formula from deterioration. Zinc Oxide provides the same benefits as Titanium Dioxide in addition to healing and antioxidant benefits as well. For those that absolutely want SPF listed on their colour product- what options do we have?



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