How-To Prep Dry Skin & Create A Flawless Base

How-To Prep Dry Skin & Create A Flawless Base

February 21, 2018

We've put together a simple tutorial for those of you who suffer with dry skin. Learn how to prepare the skin and then create the ultimate flawless base.

Steps To A Flawless Base


  1. Begin with cleansing your skin, the most suitable cleanser would be the Conditioning Milk Cleanser.
  2. Don't forget your toner! Next up is the Conditioning Mist. This skin toner really hydrates and soothes the skin
  3. Follow this with Restorative Cream to really nourish and deeply moisturise.
  4. Finish with Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ (shade used here was Light) for extra moisture and essential broad-spectrum sun protection
Now your skin is prepped and ready to create your flawless base. Leave between 10-15 minutes after applying your skincare before you apply your makeup to achieve the best results.


  1. Your skin is now prepped and ready to create your flawless base. Firstly, apply Tinted Primer SPF 30+ (shade used here was Light). Using a primer will ensure a long-lasting and even complexion. It will even out any surface redness and hide the appearance of fine lines and pores.
  2. Next it's time for your foundation. Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF18 (shade used here was Linen) contains specialised moisturising agents to give the skin a flawless, youthful finish.
  3. If there are any areas which need extra attention, or brightening, apply Liquid Bright Concealer (shade used here was Brighten). This lightweight corrective concealer provides impeccable coverage whilst brightening your complexion.
  4. Give your skin an added glow and set your base with Luminous Setting Powder. This powder will leave your skin with a sheer, silky smooth, flawless finsih.
  5. Your base is complete! Now you're free to add a pop of colour if you choose to. Whether it be as subtle hint of blush, a bold eye look or a statement lip, the choice is yours. Enjoy!



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