How cigarettes affect the skin

How cigarettes affect the skin

March 12, 2018

With No Smoking Day approaching (14th March) you won't be able to escape hearing the dangerous risks that smoking poses to your health. But do you know the effects of smoking which show on your skin? It is reported that though smoking is known to cause life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer and lung disease, it's the less critical physical effects that are becoming the largest deterrents. effects of smoking - smoking cigarette

The Effects Of Smoking On The Skin

Suffocated Skin

When you decide to light up a cigarette, you're also deciding to constrict the blood flow to your skin! When blood flow is restricted is can cause a number of short and long term problems. These problems include increased risk of infection, skin cancer and wrinkles! Your blood isn't only restricted while you're smoking your cigarette though! Studies have shown that the restricting effects, from even just one cigarette, can last as long as 30 minutes at a time!

Hello Dynamic Wrinkles

Firstly, just what are dynamic wrinkles?Dynamic wrinkles are those that are caused by facial expressions or repetitive movements. In the case of smokers, the muscles around the eyes and mouth are used more frequently than the rest of us. The repetitive movement, which smoker use to inhale, leads to lines all around the lip line, sometimes known as a smokers pout. As for the eyes, when smokers exhale, smoke can often come back towards the face, causing you to squint. This motion combined with the chemicals from the cigarette can lead to crow's feet.

The "C" Word

There's no hiding the fact that on of the most dangerous effects of smoking on the skin is skin cancer. Smokers risk of skin cancer are higher because the effects of UV rays are magnified when smoking! Don't think that if you don't smoke you're safe from this risk! If your best friend or partner is a smoker, you're as much at risk! Secondhand smoke which could be circulating around your face, increases your risk too!

Premature Ageing

If you're a smoker, it's going to show in your skin. Smoking causes the ageing process of the skin to speed up. In fact, when it comes to smoking, it can even cause more wrinkling of the skin than sun damage!

Change In Skin Tone

In addition to wrinkles, smokers can also be left with dull, yellow-toned skin. This is caused by the lack of oxygen and breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. If that isn't enough to put you off, or put down that cigarette, additionally you could end up with broken blood vessels over your face!

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, the effects of smoking on your skin can't be fixed with fancy creams and lotions. This is because the skin cells just aren't healthy enough! But, don't despair! There is still hope! As soon as you quit smoking your skin will start to repair itself. Blood flow will improve, hello healthy glow, and inflammation will reduce. Not all signs will disappear, no magic wand for those wrinkles unfortunately! Just have faith that the longer you stay smoke free, the more improvement you will see. If you're a doubter, take pictures at the beginning and throughout your quitting process.



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