October 23, 2017

Every Beauty Hack You Need To Know We all love a tip or trick that will save us time or make our life easier, which is why we have every beauty hack you need right here.

Beauty Hack 1

Ever reached for the liquid liner to find it's all gone or dried up? We have a great alternative! All you need is your mascara and a flat slanted eyeliner brush. Pat the brush onto your mascara wand then use as normal along the lash line, creating the perfect winged liner.

Beauty Hack 2

Want perfect kissable lips? To really accentuate your cupid's bow, draw a small cross in lipstick or lip liner where the cupid's bow should be. Then line the rest of the lips, this creates the perfect outline to fill in with your favourite lipstick shade. More Tips For Long-Lasting Lipstick

Beauty Hack 3

If you've run out of brush cleaner but your brushes are really in need of a good clean there is another way. You can use your facial cleanser to clean any makeup and dirt from brushes. Simply dampen the brushes with warm water, rub some cleanser into the bristles, do this until all residue is removed. Thoroughly rinse the brushes so no cleanser is left behind and lay your brushes flat to dry.

Beauty Hack 4

Want to give your lashes a bit more? Try applying a translucent powder to your lashes between the first and second coat of mascara. This genius hack will help make your lashes look fuller and longer. Be sure to have a lash comb to hand though to brush through any lashes which may initially clump together. beauty hack perfume spritz

Beauty Hack 5

When applying your perfume make sure you spray the key points. This will preventing you from spraying too much and it not even lasting the day! The points you should spray for long-lasting wear are behind the ears, inside the elbows, your hair or behind your knees.

Beauty Hack 6

If you are suffering with puffy eyes, it's true what they say, tea bags really do help! For the best results soak two tea bags (we prefer green tea) in warm water. Allow the tea bags to chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes, then place one tea bag on each eye and leave for 5-6 minutes. When you remove them your eyes will feel refreshed and revitalised.

Beauty Hack 7

You've painted your nails and haven't got time to wait for them to dry, what can you do? Before you start to paint your nails fill a bowl with ice cubes and cold water. Once you've finished painting your nails, dip your nails in for around a minute. This prevents any dents or chips in the nail varnish as it helps to solidify the nail varnish all of the way through, not just on top. beauty hack quick drying nails

Beauty Hack 8

Another lipstick tip for you! After you've applied your lipstick, blot lightly with a tissue. The next step is to place the tissue over your lips, then using a light fluffy brush gently tap some translucent powder onto the tissue. What the powder does is absorb any excess moisture and keeps your lipstick in place.

Beauty Hack 9

Are you getting the most out of your mascara? Try warming up your mascara before application. You can use your body heat for this, or run the tube under hot water for a few seconds. This helps the mascara fully coat your lashes in the smoothest way possible!

Beauty Hack 10

Contouring doesn't need to be complicated! For an easy, natural looking contour all you need is the number '3'. Use a dark bronzer or contour shade and go over your temples, cheekbone and then jawline. Add a bit of highlight to the places the light would naturally hit, like the bridge of your nose or the centre of your forehead. Our Contour kits contain all the shades you need to complete these simple steps.

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