Eye Palettes: Introducing A New Range Of Colour

Eye Palettes: Introducing A New Range Of Colour

November 21, 2017

At Glo Skin Beauty we want to give you the best in mineral makeup, which is why we're introducing some brand new eye palettes. We have adapted our palettes to fit with what you want and need. New The Velvets Eye Palettes

Eye Palettes

Our larger palettes have been updated to include 2 large, classic base colours plus six buildable accent colours. This means you can create a variety of complete eye looks with just one palette! Let's take a look at the different palettes available to you:
  • Elemental Eye - this eye palette showcases natural browns and greys for easy everyday looks
  • Mixed Metals - Tawny bronzes and rich charcoals fill up this palette, perfect for switching up your classic smoky eye
  • Moonstruck - The deep purples of the Moonstruck palette are ideal for making green or brown eyes really pop
  • Velvets - One of our favourites here at Glo! No matter what the season bronzed looks are always in. This palette is packed with warm, vibrant browns which can deepen and easily transform day looks into evening ones.
Check out the Glo Skin Beauty look below featuring our Mixed Metals palette.



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