October 12, 2016

eyeshadow for blue eyes Ready to shine, blue-eyed beauties? From rich earth tones to bold violets, you can look stunning in every colour under the sun. Here are a few tricks of the trade that will have your baby blues sparkling.

Learn Your Colours

Learn Your Colours

Remember those colour wheels from art class? If you are a little fuzzy on the idea, look up a colour wheel online. While they are made for art classes, they are priceless tools for picking out clothes and makeup. If you want to find a complementary colour, find your shade then look to the opposite end of the wheel. That’s your perfect match! If you look at blue on the colour wheel, you’ll find the opposite side is full of shades of red and orange. Those are the colours that look best next to blue.

Opt for Orange Undertones

While red and orange shades can be great for your lips, they can look a bit too crazy around your eyes. For a workable style, search for colours that have an orange or red undertone. Think burnt orange, rust, terracotta and other similar shades. These colours will stand in striking contrast to the blue of your eyes. When it comes to eyeshadow for blue eyes, glo-minerals Eye Shadow in Coy is perfect for any shade of blue and will totally transform your look.

Pick Purple Shadows

Another stunning shade with a red undertone is purple. Any shade of purple is a top choice eyeshadow for blue eyes thanks to the contrasting undertone. Go for a subtle lavender for everyday styles or try a bold violet for a fresh take on the smoky eye. Keep an eye out for amethyst mascaras as well. They will give you a gorgeous look in seconds. Not sure on a shade of purple eyeshadow for blue eyes? We love glo-minerals Eye Shadow in eggplant. Wear a thin line over your lash line for a subtle pop of colour or go for a bold nightlight look.

Customise Your Smoky Eye

While a black smoky eye is timeless, it can overwhelm blue eyes. Rather than layering on jet black shadow, go for rich chocolate shades highlighted by shimmering tan shadow. For an easy smoky eye, try the glo-minerals Smoky Eye Kit. Filled with ultra-flattering eyeshadow for blue eyes and accompanied by DIY instructions, this kit will take your smoky eye to the next level.

Go for the Gold

blue-eyes-tutorial Go for the Gold

Just because you aren’t wearing slate black shadow doesn’t mean that you can’t go for drama. The fastest way to add some glamour to your look is to opt for gold and bronze shades. For a super versatile kit, grab the glo-minerals Eyeshadow Trio in Copper Sheen. Use every colour to create a dramatic, multi-dimensional look or try out a mono-coloured style for a simple and fresh everyday look.


We wanted to give you a little helping hand, so have created a tuorial on emphasising blue eyes using the Eyeshadow Trio, which we already mentioned above! So follow the 5 steps below for an easy yet dazzling look!
  1. Apply the lightest highlight shade found in the trio to your brow-bone and the inner corner of your eye.
  2. Then, using the Eye Base Brush, apply the golden shade over your entire lid.
  3. Using the Eye Blender Brush, apply the dark brown shade into the outer corner of your lid and then blend into the crease.
  4. Also apply the brown shade to your lower lashline with a Smudge Brush
  5. Finally, line your upper lashline using our Precise Micro Liner in Black.

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