October 13, 2016

eyeshadow for green eyes Lucky you, green-eyed goddess! You’ve got the most coveted eye colour there is. From subtle greys to bold purples, here are our tips on applying eyeshadow to make your emerald green eyes pop!

Gorgeous Grey

Black can be totally overwhelming on green eyes. For a perfect everyday look, go for glo-minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner in charcoal. Use a subtle line for a daytime look them amp it up in the evening with a thick stroke. It will give you a dramatic look like jet black does but it’ll be infinitely more flattering.

Take to Taupe

Taupe is an absolute must-have. It’s the perfect shade of eyeshadow for green eyes and is also a top choice for mascara, brow powder and liner. Its warm undertone will make your eyes sparkle. Keep an eye out for any shades that have a taupe undertone. They are all perfect for green eyes. Look for purple taupe, rose taupe and other stunning shades.

Metal Mania

Ready to shine? Go metallic! For a bold and powerful look, silver is definitely one of the best shades of eyeshadow for green eyes. Go for an ethereal look with a silver smoky eye or just add a touch of flair with a subtle line of silver over your lash line. Pro tip: Just add a touch of silver eyeshadow in the corner of your eye to make your peepers pop. All you need to do is touch your finger onto the eyeshadow then touch your finger onto the corner of your eye (closest to your nose).

eyeshadow for green eyes

Sparkle with Jewels

Not into the solo silver look? Add just a touch of glam with a jewel tone colours like the glo-minerals Jeweled Eye Pencil. Gorgeous shades such as merlot, antique, cobalt and baroque will make your eyes gleam.

Purple Perfection

All shades of purple are perfect for green eyes. If you remember that colour wheel from art class, you might recall that green’s most complementary colour is red. While we definitely wouldn’t recommend a stop light red eyeshadow for green eyes, there are some great colours with red undertones. Look for all kinds of reddish tones like lavender, violet and wine. All of the most gorgeous green-eyed gals are crazy for glo-minerals Eye Shadow in eggplant. Experiment with purple eyeliners, shadows and mascara to see what works for you.

Grab an Espresso

Another lovely eyeshadow for green eyes is espresso brown. Alongside your grey liners and shadows, deep brown shades should be a daily go-to look. We adore the rich glo-minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner in brown for a flawless natural style.

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