October 19, 2017

applying face serum closeup Adding a face serum into your routine is still a fairly new concept, but an important one when used correctly. We look at what a serum actually is, how it works and the best type of serum for your skin concerns.

What Is A Face Serum And How Does It Work?

A serum is skin care product which contains more potent active ingredients than you would find in your regular moisturiser. They are made up of smaller molecules which means they penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering a high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them different to moisturisers because moisturisers only create a barrier on the top layer of the skin. Serums are usually smooth and silky in texture making them light and fast-absorbing. They are great for targeting specific skin concerns.

How Do You Use A Face Serum?

  1. Cleanse your face with the correct cleanser for your skin type.
  2. Use a pea sized amount (or slighlty larger) and pat the serum into the skin all over your face using your finger.
  3. Then apply your daily moisturiser over the top to really lock in all the great skin benefits. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can also use a serum underneath your night cream too.
If you're unsure of your skin type check out our guide here.

Which Serum Is Right For You?

Here are some of our top recommendations depending on your skin type or concern.
  • Acne/Oily Skin - Renew Serum is an oil-free serum which regulates oil production, clears pores and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Dry Skin - B5 Hydration provides long-lasting hydration. This nourishing serum leaves skin looking plumper, healthier and smoother.
  • Ageing Skin - Retinol CS is a high-performing skin firming serum. It minimises fine lines, reduces uneven pigmentation and nourishes the skin.
  • Uneven Skin Tone - Brightening Serum is full of natural brighteners which reduce hyperpigmentation. It smoothes the skin and improves skin texture to leave glowing, radiant skin.

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