How-To Fake Full Lips With Makeup

How-To Fake Full Lips With Makeup

January 18, 2018

Full lips have been sought after by women since way back, Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to start with the over-lining trend which is so common today. The demand for a plumper pout has seen an increase in the number of people getting dermal fillers or using topical lip plumping products. These sort of treatments aren't for everyone though! You may not like the idea of going under the needle, or maybe those treatments are just too costly. Whatever your reason may be, we have a perfect alternative and all you need is your makeup bag! full lips applying lip liner

Simple Steps To Full Lips

1 - Prep Work

This step is essential! To achieve a flawless, long-lasting lip your lips need to be smooth. We recommend using a soft-bristle toot brush, and use gentle circular motions to buff away any dead skin. Follow this with a lip moisturiser. Our Lip Revival is formulated to act as a lip enhancer creating fuller, smoother lips. Leave to sink in for around 5-10 minutes before applying lip colour.

2 - The Fine Lines

Firstly, with a lip liner which is as close to your natural lip colour as possible, softly over line your cupid's bow and below the centre of your bottom lip. The main tip is to not go too excessive. Only over line ever so slightly and keep the line as soft as possible. For the next step you need 2 lip liners, a lighter shade and a darker shade. There should be about 2 shades difference between the 2 liners. Use the darker shade first. You want to create a X at your cupid's bow, just outside the natural lip line. Follow the lines from the X around the top and bottom lip, then shade in the very outer corners. Next grab the lighter liner. Start in the centre of the mouth and fill in the rest of your lips. If you're not a confident user or fan of liner, a lighter shade lipstick can be used here too.

3 - Blend Away

Another crucial step! Using a small brush blend away to soften the lines between the 2 colours. This will ensure natural looking shadows to give the illusion of natural full lips.

4 - High Shine

You have a bit of choice here. If you prefer a matte lip then add a touch of highlighter to the centre of your bottom lip. This will catch the light when it hits for extra impact. If, like us, you love high shine reach for the gloss. A clear gloss all over will really add volume to your look.



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