December 28, 2018

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Every skin has its own special needs, and it is better to choose a product carefully before using it regularly! The choice of the ideal face cream based on your skin type is of fundamental importance for a woman, both young and mature. First of all we need to start from a careful evaluation of our skin type. There are various types of creams that differ in their ingredients and active ingredients, whose selection is linked to the type of problem that the cream aims to treat.

But, if you fall for the benefits without considering your skin type you will be upset when the product doesn’t perform how you want. A major contributor to healthy, balanced skin is hydration. Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin will ensure you stay hydrated and protected.

Glo was founded on the idea that skincare is personal and that everyone has different needs for their individual skin type and skin concerns, so we offer eleven (!) different moisturizers PLUS two different hydrators (for best results, we recommend using both). We promise, there really is something for everyone. Let’s take a look!

Oily, Acneic or Oily/Sensitive

If you have oily skin, the right cream for you is the one that contains the ingredients that rebalance the production of sebum. This does not mean that the production of sebum will be destroyed, but its production will return to normal and no longer excessive amounts.

Oil Control Emulsion: Our lightest formula, this emulsion works to actively reduce shine, which can help reduce breakouts. Because it is more of a liquid formula, make sure to wait a few minutes before applying any additionalproducts to avoid pilling.

Oil Free Moisturizer: Part of our Oily Skin Regimen and oneof our top sellers that never disappoints. Choose Oil Free Moisturizer over OilControl Emulsion if acne/excess shine is less of an issue.

Balancing Moisture Remedy: Out of our two Calm Skin moisturizers, Balancing Moisture Remedy is more suited for oily and combination skin types as it is a lighter formula.

Daily Hydration: Our original Hyaluronic Acid serum, perfect for all skin types but especially for oily and sensitive. Apply after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing.


It is defined mixed that particular type of skin that has some characteristics of oily skin and some of the dry skin but placed only in some parts of the face. For example, some people have oily skin in the area of the forehead and nose but, at the same time, also have dry skin around the eyes, cheekbones and chin. This particular type of skin usually needs to regain homogeneity and brightness, as well as proper hydration without leaving you feeling greasy.

Phyto Active Light Moisture: An all time favorite,Phyto-Active Light Moisture offers many of the same anti-aging benefits as someof our heavier creams but in a lightweight formula that is great for most skintypes.

Conditioning Hydration Cream: Part of our Combination SkinRegimen, Conditioning Hydration Cream contains an antioxidant-rich formula thatmoisturizes and strengthens the skin.

Daily Hydration or Daily Hydration+: Either of our two hydrators would work for combination skin. If you lean more towards the sensitive or oily side, stick with Daily Hydration. If you’re more dry orwanting more anti-aging benefits, try Daily Hydration+.

Dry or Dry/Sensitive

If you have dry skin, obviously you will need a moisturizer with heavier formula that actively replenishes the lack of hydration, combined perhaps with a good exfoliation. To be done once or twice a week. In this way you will allow the skin to renew itself by eliminating the layer of skin that appears flakey or dull. With less natural oil, it is imperative to use a heavier formula that actively replenishes the lack of hydration.

Restorative Cream: The choice moisturizer in our Dry SkinRegimen, Restorative Cream helps repair dry, dehydrated skin.

Corrective Soothing Serum: Recommended for anyone who wants a skin brightening serum that is gentle whilst simultaneously strengthening and hydrating..

Daily Hydration+: The ultimate hydrator for dry, dehydrated skin, this lightweight formula provides intense hydration and prevents transepidermal water loss.

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