November 15, 2018

How to drink more water during the day Many of us don’t drink enough water, causing us to feel very tired and weak. The most common solution most of us do is to eat something right away. But most of the time our body only needs to be hydrated and therefore we need to drink more water. Most of us find it difficult to drink 2 litres of water daily. So how do we drink more water? it's not the only question to answer to. Doctors to dietitians and nutritionists to beauty consultants advise us to drink water in the correct way. The most common mistake? To swallow half a litre of water all in one go. This is not ideal and it doesn't hydrate the skin properly When you drink a large amount of water all together instead of allowing it to moisturize your body, the water quickly reaches your bladder. Therefore the water is eliminated in a short time, cancelling its benefits. How should we drink water, then? So, we should try drinking water in small sips; this helps the body to feel lighter, deflate, regain energy, and to purify itself from toxins. These are just some of the benefits of drinking water, from a healthy point of view.

How to drink more water: 9 tips and tricks

1 Drink a glass of water in the morning

When you wake up, fill a nice glass of water and drink it before your morning breakfast. Drinking water in the morning kickstarts your metabolism and is a refreshing way to wake up. Spread the glasses of water throughout the day - drink 4 glasses of water in the morning and the remaining 4 in the afternoon and in the evening. How to drink more woter during the day

2 Drink herbal teas

Infusions or tea during the day help a lot, just be careful with the sugar levels. Coffee, in small doses (no more than three cups a day), falls into the category of liquids that can be taken.

3 Prepare flavoured ice cubes

You can freeze almost any juice, fruit puree and even tea and coffee in ice cube trays. When they are ready, take a few and put them in your portable bottle or glass.

4 Drink during meals

During lunch, dinner or a snack, sip water at every bite: this trick is to make you eat more slowly and feel more full. how to drink more water

5 Keep a bottle of water always with you

In the office or at home always keep a bottle of water near you so you don’t forget to drink regularly. There are graduated bottles that allow you to monitor the intake of water. For example, there are models with a small dial that can be turned every time you drink 250 ml of liquid. This system can encourage you to take more water whilst recording exactly how much h2o you have consumed.

6 Drink sparkling water

The bubbles give the usual water a bit more "life" and they will keep you away from the flavoured and sugary drinks. Drink sparkling water

7 Add a touch of flavour to the water

A few drops of lemon, slices of fruit, berries or even cucumbers and put them in water, to give it a fresh taste that will tempt you to drink more. If we are used to drinking warm water we can even add a little piece of ginger while we heat it: the purifying action is guaranteed!

8 Use the apps

If you are forgetful, your smartphone can help you. There are many apps that allow you to keep track of your water glasses and double up as a reminder. Use the apps

9 Drink when you're distracted

Drink when you're distracted Another good habit to learn is to sip a glass of water while you are engaged in some activity, which can be working on the computer or watching television. The healthy habit of drinking at least two litres of water a day associated with a balanced diet will make you feel much better, making you immediately feel lighter; but to be able to notice the actual benefits it is necessary to wait at least two weeks, to see results. Only then you can notice the improvements on your skin and hair. Hair will be more luminous and skin more hydrated, even water retention and cellulite will be reduced.

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