June 14, 2017

We've drummed up our top beauty tips on how to make your eyes look bigger. Whether you want big doe eyes or just to make you look more awake, follow these hacks to emphasise your eyes.

Puffy Eyes Begone

Start by applying glo-therapeutics Contour Eye Lift under the eye to provide firming, hydration and skin lifting benefits. Formulated with Sepilift™, this botanical active is the natural alternative to botulinum toxin. It delivers support, strength and smoothness to the skin. Shape those Brows Groomed eyebrows can really frame the face and help to accentuate your eyes. So clean up any stray hairs with a tweezer then you can get to work by filling in sparse areas with your go-to eyebrow makeup product. For brow makeup tutorials click here.


Dark circles and discoloration on your eyelids can make you look tired. So to brighten up the area, first start by applying Shadow Primer all over the lid to even out skin tone and discoloration. Then, use your favourite mineral concealer for under eyes to disguise dark circles. This will wake up the face and start to make your eyes look bigger. Learn how to conceal dark circles and pigmentation here. For our colour correction cheat sheet, click here. If you need a more specific concealer guide depending on your skin tone, click here.


To open up the eyes, we'd suggest foregoing the heavy, dark winged liner and going for a more subtle eyeliner look. Lightly line the upper and lower lids from the inner corner to the outer corner with a brown eyeliner pencil such as the Precision Eye Pencil. To make your eyes look more elongated than round, apply the eyeliner a little heavier on the outside corners. For your lower lashline, there are two options. You can either choose a peach shade eyeliner pencil for the waterline to widen the eyes. Or if you prefer a darker lower lashline, take your brown eyeliner pencil and apply a few soft strokes on the edges of the outer corners of your eyes. Check out more eye makeup looks from natural to dramatic here.

Depth and Dimension

Apply a natural eyeshadow shade all over the lid to set your primer and help make the rest of your look blend out more easily. You can even use a translucent setting powder. Then take a mineral eyeshadow that is shade or two darker than your natural skin tone and blend it into the crease. This will give you a more naturally-looking deepened crease to really draw attention to your eyes. Go back to basics on your makeup here.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

Take a highlighter like the Shimmer Brick or Dust 24K and dab a little into the inner corners of your eyes to draw even more dazzling focus to them. To lift the brows and help achieve larger eyes, highlighting the brow bone is also useful.

Curl Those Lashes

Of course, applying mascara is absolutely essentially to making your eyes look bigger. Curling them with an eyelash curler can also make a huge difference to make those eyes pop. For more beauty tips for every woman-on-the-go, click here.

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