July 19, 2016

Never tried coral lipstick before and a little unsure about whether this colour will suit you? Read our top tips to find the perfect shade for you.

ideal coral lipstickSheer-Barely Their Lips

For those who want to try something new but find bright coral lipstick a little too daring for them, you can always opt for a light application, giving your lips just a hint of colour. You could also add some clear gloss to the lipstick to make it even sheerer.

A Coral Lipstick Variation

If you like a bold look, and it’s simply the coral colour itself which you are hesitant about, why not start with a lipstick shade you are more comfortable with. You could pick a shade that is on the coral spectrum to see if you like this shade at all. For example, if you have cool-toned skin, you could start off with a pink peach lipstick colour. While who have warm-toned skin should try a more red orange lipstick.

For the Coral-Lip Lovers

If you are eager to try coral lipstick but are just not sure what shade will work best, your first step is ensuring you know what skin tone you are. (Click Here to Identify Your Skin’s Undertone). Once you have determined your skin tone, read below to discover your ideal coral lipstick shade.

A Universal Coral LipstickA Universal Coral Lipstick

Go Bold: The Suede Matte Crayon in Crush is the most versatile shade of coral, suiting both olive and fair toned skin. For those who want a shade that is both bold yet easy to pull-off, this vintage deep red orange is perfect for you. Play it Safe: A red-orange, like Cream Glaze Crayon in Jetset is a more sheer lip crayon that won’t be too strong for those who prefer a more subtle look. It can warm up lighter complexions while still able to complement deeper skin tones, without making them seem washed out.

Coral lipstick for fair & pale skin

For those fairer skin tones who prefer a softer summery colour, a pastel coral is best. The hint of pink in a pastel coral such as Lipstick in Spark will complement rather than overpower your skin tone, giving you an effortless summer look.

Coral lipstick for olive and warm skin

For those who really love to stand out and make a statement, the Suede Matte Stick in Pop is a truly electric coral shade. This lipstick is gorgeous on warmer skin tones, as it is a true orange colour that is sure to make heads turn.

Customise Your Colour

If you are still struggling to find your ideal shade, you can try customising your lipstick to create your perfect colour. If for example, the coral lipstick is too red and thus too warm for your skin tone, try adding a pink peach lipstick to cool it down. On the other hand, if your lipstick is too cool for your skin tone and you find it washes you out, try building in a little red lipstick to gradually warm up the colour.

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