October 13, 2017

Ever wanted to venture into darker shades of lip colour but have been worried about looking too "gothy" or washed-out? We are here to show you that it's not as scary as it may seem. We look at everything from what kind of colour will compliment your skin tone to how to apply perfectly. dark lip colour makeup look

Tips For Wearing A Dark Lip Colour

Prep Work

The first step doesn't just apply if you are wearing a dark lip colour, it's important with which ever shade you decide to wear. Prep your lips! Prepping your lips will make a huge difference in the finished look of your lipstick. Lipstick can really highlight any dry or flaky skin on the lips. A top expert tip is to brush a soft toothbrush lightly over your lips once a week. Think of it as exfoliation for your lips. Before lipstick application buff your lips with lip balm and a damp flannel, then blot off any excess with tissue so your colour won't slip away. Now you have perfect silky, smooth lips let's look at choosing the right colour. Discover More Tips For Chapped Lips

Choosing The Right Lip Colour

Choosing the right dark lip colour is all about finding what's right for your skin. It helps if you know whether you have a cool or warm undertone to your skin, if you're unsure find out here.
  • Fair Skin - A dark lip colour can really look amazing on fair skin because of the contrast. If you have a cool undertone to your skin, look for berry shades which have a blue base. If your skin is on the warmer side then opt for something with more of a yellow base.
  • Fair To Medium - If your skin is more fair to medium then it's likely you're on the warmer or neutral side. This is great because you can pull off not only berry tones but rich terracotta tones too.
  • Olive Skin - For those of you with a golden warm undertone the most complimentary shades would be orange based lip colours. Cooler undertones should head towards shades with blue bases. Brown based shades are great for flattering olive skin.
  • Deep - Darker complexions can pull off more daring colours, whether that means darker, or even brighter, the choice is all yours.

Perfect Application

So you've chosen your lip colour, now for the application. An optional starting point is to lightly buff the lips with foundation. This neutralises the natural lip colour, allowing the pigment of your selected shade to really show and stay true. Next up comes lip liner, this will give your lips great definition and also stop any colour bleeding out onto the surrounding skin. Apply the lip colour either straight onto the lips or with a lip brush, whatever feels easiest for you. Start in the centre of the mouth and then lightly trace around the edges of the lip lines with the point of your lipstick. Pat gently over the colour a few times to press the pigment into your skin. Be aware of your lip shape. Darker shades can make the lips look smaller, so you can apply a bit of gloss just in the centre of the lip just to give them a fuller appearance. If ,you are lucky enough to have full, defined lips then you can choose between either adding gloss or a matte finish. Keep the rest of your makeup fairly simple with your lips being the key focus. We suggest a little bit of blush on the cheeks and lashings of mascara for the perfect finish.

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