January 12, 2017

With so many different makeup brushes out there, it can all seem a bit overwhelming for the beginner. Which is why we have formulated the ultimate makeup brush guide for you. We explain everything from the differences between natural and synthetic hair brushes to tips on how to use different brushes. Plus there's a detailed list about our entire brush range and what each tool is best for! We've even thrown in a few of our own makeup brush favourites! After reading this you'll confidently strut down any makeup aisle and scroll through any web page knowing full well what you want and need.

Natural vs. Synthetic

makeup brush guide Natural Hair Brushes are extremely durable. They are ideal for precision and control of product placement on the skin. The texture from these brushes means that they are perfect for any powder product, from bronzers to eyeshadows and actually get better the more you use them. In addition, the bristles in these brushes move around freely, ensuring that blending your makeup is easy and seamless. glo delivers the finest natural hair brushes, equipped with long-lasting, high-quality handles. Each makeup brush head is assembled with precision for ideal control and placement of product on the skin. Synthetic Hair Brushes are often used for products with a liquid or wax base. The hairs do not have cuticles meaning that they are excellent for liquid or cream products because the brush does not trap makeup in its bristles. Consequently, synthetic hair is easier to clean thoroughly and does not promote bacterial growth. Furthermore, these brushes are ideal for precise application as the bristles are inclined to gravitate and stick to each other.

Our Top Makeup Brush Picks

makeup brush picks

Basic Application Tips

makeup brush tips

Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

Everything you need to know about our makeup brush collection is included below:

Face Brushes: Liquid/Cream Base




Liquid Foundation BrushLiquid Foundation Brush Synthetic Hair: Orange Taklon Use to apply Protective Liquid Foundation and Sheer Tint Base for sheer-to-full coverage.
Luxe Foundation Brush luxe foundation Synthetic Hair: PBT Synthetic This flat top kabuki makeup brush is the perfect applicator for Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15. Achieve full coverage and a smooth, even application.
Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brushdual foundation/camouflage Synthetic Hair: PBT Synthetic Synthetic bristles make this brush suitable for both cream and powder formulations.
Camouflage Brush brush Synthetic Hair: Orange Taklon A perfect tool for Camouflage Oil-Free and Under Eye Concealer. Use on under eye areas or to cover large areas of pigmentation.
Precision Camouflage Brushprecision camouflage Synthetic Hair: Orange Taklon A precision tool designed to camouflage smallest, most challenging areas.

Face Brushes: Powder Base

Kabuki Brush Kabuki Brush Natural Hair: Black Capra Full head with dense bristle pack. Designed to achieve medium-to-full coverage when applying Pressed Base or Loose Base. Also beneficial for all-over blending.
Ultra-Brush & Retractable Ultra Brush Ultra-BrushRetractable Ultra Brush Natural Hair: Squirrel Use for all-over base application giving sheer-to-full coverage with Pressed Base or Loose Base. With a medium bristle pack, this is the most versatile of the foundation brushes.
Powder Brush Powder Brush Natural Hair: Black Capra A dense, soft makeup brush with a loose bristle pack, designed to achieve sheer-to-medium coverage with Pressed or Loose Base. Ideal for applying Dust 24K, Bronze, Matte Finishing Powder, Loose Matte Finishing Powder or Perfecting Powder to face or body.
Blender Brush blender Natural Hair: Black Capra Perfect for either Bronze application or all-over blending.
Luxe Setting Powder Luxe Setting Powder Synthetic Hair: PBT Synthetic Designed with Luxe Setting Powder in mind, this soft tulip brush allows for delicate loose powder application.

Eye & Brow Brushes

Angled Eyeliner Brushangled eyeliner1 Angled Eyeliner Brush Synthetic Hair: PBT Synthetic Ergonomically angled brush makes Cream Eyeliner and Eye Shadow application easy.
Dual Brow Brush dual brow1 Dual Brow Brush Natural Hair: Ox/Mongoose A dual headed makeup brush offering stiff bristles to fill in and shape eyebrows. Use the large end all over brows and the smaller end for detailing and blending.
Eyeliner/Brow Brush Eyeliner/Brow Brush Synthetic Hair: Bronze Taklon Use the Eyeliner/Brow brush wet or dry with a shadow or cream liner to define lash line and brows.
Spoolie Brushspoolie Synthetic Hair: Nylon The Spoolie Brush is designed for your lashes and brows. The full head tapers to a point for easy use on any length or lash thickness. It's great for grooming lashes and brows as well as smoothing and blending.
Crease Brushcrease Natural Hair: Squirrel The Crease Brush is designed to give a light or heavy contour application to the eye
Eye Blender Brush eye blender Natural Hair: Black Capra A versatile long hair makeup brush with a medium dome that can be used to apply colour all over the lid or soften and contour eye colours.
Texture Eye Brushtexture eye brush Synthetic Hair: PBT Synthetic Ideal for adding buildable soft layers of shimmer or more intense colour and texture.
Eye Definer Brusheye definer Natural Hair: Pure Pony Perfect for detailed shadow application and highlighting under the brow or above the lash line. Use this brush to place contour or add shimmer powder over any Eye Shadow application.
Mini Crease Brushmini crease Natural Hair: Pure Pony The Mini Crease is the ideal detail makeup brush for small areas. Use to contour the eye crease or create a smoky look with eyeliner.
Smudge Brushsmudge Natural Hair: Pure Pony Designed for applying eyeliner and Eye Shadow near the lash line, as well as blending and contouring to create a smoky effect.

Cheek & Lip Brushes

Cream Blush Brush brush-cream-blush Synthetic Hair: Raccoon Synthetic Designed for blending your cream blush giving you a smooth, even application.
Blush Brushblush Natural Hair: Pure Pony Designed for light shading or colour enhancement of the cheek area.
Texture Brushtexture Synthetic Hair: Black Capra and Taklon This makeup brush is ideal for creating soft layers of shimmer or adding subtle texture to your makeup.
Fan Brushfan Synthetic Hair: Badger Synthetic A makeup brush designed for delicate blush, bronzer and shimmer application. Ideal for applying powder to the under eye area and for removing shadow fall out.
Lip Definer Brushbrush-lip Natural Hair: Pure Red Sable The Lip Definer brush is used to blend lip colour and liner over the lips. It can be used with Lipstick, Gloss and Liquid Lips.
The double-sided brush allows for easy application of large surface areas to the smallest curves.

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