Makeup on a Budget

Makeup on a Budget

December 12, 2016

money-saving beauty tips

Money-Saving Beauty Tips

With Christmas and New Year celebrations come and gone, many of us find ourselves feeling the pinch till payday. But January is chock-filled with clear out days and new beginnings and is the best time to refresh your makeup kit! Which is why we've come up with some money-saving beauty tips to help you look and feel good without the worry of having to splash your cash. Spending on yourself doesn't have to burn a whole in your pocket.

We've narrowed down your look to a few essential steps: prime, base, conceal, set, brows, eyes, cheeks, lips. One item from each category will be enough to provide you with a full makeup look. You can of course then gradually build up your collection over time!


A primer may sound like an unnecessary, extra step, but it could actually help you extend the longevity of your other products. Since it enables your foundation to be applied more evenly and ensures it lasts all day, you won't need to use as much product. It's a huge, long-term money-saving beauty benefit.


Find your perfect foundation and stick to it. Fortunately, whatever type you use whether it's powder-based or liquid, it'll last you for months!

Conceal money-saving beauty tips

Concealer is a step that is not actually necessary for everyone. Yep, the secrets out. Concealers are there to disguise and well, conceal, blemishes and imperfections. If you find your foundation is enough for covering unwanted blemishes or brightening up your skin then don't pile on unnecessary products just because you feel like you have to! For example, though there was a sudden beauty obsession with colour correction and colour correction kits, not everyone really needs one. If you have dark circles or blotchy red skin, or any uneven colour in your complexion, then yes a colour correction kit would be ideal for you. Similarly, if you suffer from acne, acne scarring, rosacea or pigmentation then a concealer might be something you need. But don't go splurging on a product just because some random beauty blogger told you to!

If you need to get conceal anything, from skin conditions to bruises or veins, read our Colour Correction Cheat Sheet.


A good setting powder is another way to extend the longevity of your base. If your skin is oily, we recommend a clay-based powder or if you just want a little help for a smoother finish, try a translucent beauty tips


Eyebrows frame your face and can honestly make or break your look. The key to great brows is actually trying to limit the amount of product you use, you don't want them overdrawn, too dark or too thick. So, practising to limit the amount you apply will not only help your makeup look but your makeup budget too!


Investing in an eyeshadow palette is a great way to give yourself the leeway to be versatile with your makeup looks without spending a fortune. For some investing in makeup kits, are a great way of saving money. Since you tend to get more products for less money, it's an excellent money-saving beauty tip for the long term.

Cheeks: Bronze & Blush

Again, going for a kit like the Contour Kit is a great way to save money. Kits are arguably more convenient than lots of separate little products since they're packaged all-in-one and easier to carry around with you. You could even double it up as an eyeshadow! In the same way, you could double up your blush as an eyeshadow too.

money-saving beauty tips


A great way to revamp and upgrade your makeup look is by trying different lip shades. If you usually go for a nude lip why not push the boat out and try rocking a berry lip. (It helps that berry red lips are on trend right now). Not sure whether you like glossy, matte or high-shine lips? Once again, a kit like the Lip Temptation Kit is a great way to try out different looks.

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