July 03, 2020

Consider all the mornings and evenings we spend at our vanities applying our favourite moisturisers, creams, and liquid foundations. What a grey, cloudy day it is when we turn the bottle around and read that it has awful, harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and skin-drying alcohol.

This is why it's important to seek out natural ingredients when purchasing a new skincare product.

Here at Glo Skin Beauty, we understand you don't want to see harmful chemicals in your skincare products that will be absorbed by the body and, ultimately, poison your system.

So, as you're doing your research to apply only natural body products, we have a concise list of some of the most effective natural ingredients for skin that will leave you with a smooth tone and a radiant, dewy complexion.


Collagen is a wonderful, natural ingredient that is used to give the skin more support. It almost reminds us of a miracle ingredient because while it simultaneously supports the skin, it also makes it more flexible and guards it against free radicals.

Take our Glo Skin Firming Cream, for example. It's formulated with multi-functional active ingredients to help maintain the skin's natural level of collagen.

Typically, we love to sip on our green tea because the antioxidants in it can chase out some of those free radicals floating around in our systems. But, imagine your makeup acting as a shield, preventing some of the environmental invaders from getting in at all? This is the beauty of natural collagen.

Amino Acids

If you're reading the label on a new face wash and see they include amino acids, keep reading. Amino acids encourage our cells to produce collagen and elastin, both of which hold the key to youthful skin.

Also, if you're experiencing any redness or rosacea, amino acids are a wonderful addition to your cleanser, given their anti-inflammatory properties.

A proper skincare routine begins with a cleanser that can calm your skin, moves onto a moisturiser that will replenish important nutrients, and finishes with concealer and foundation that polishes your beauty to perfection.

Green Tea Extract

Speaking of green tea, did you know our Luminous Liquid Foundation contains Green Tea Extract? As a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Green Tea Extract is known to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

The science behind it also indicates that Green Tea Extract may inhibit certain enzymes that contribute to the degradation of skin. Sounds like a beneficial addition to your morning skincare and makeup routine, doesn't it?

Vitamins A, C & E

Few trios are as lovely as the Vitamin A, C & E trio. Each of these natural supplements are antioxidants, meaning they'll help the body rid itself of unwanted free radicals. Let's read on to see what each of these vitamins specialise in.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, as a whole, supports the skin and eyes, as well as the reproductive and immune systems. There are two types of Vitamin A: retinoids and carotenoids.

The one we're interested in is retinoid. Our skin loves to drink up this vitamin and use it to encourage the production of new skin cells. Without these new cells, our skin runs the risk of drying out.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C neutralises free radicals. So, it's another fighter against environmental contaminants like air pollution, which we love to hear. Our Daily Power C+ provides a daily dollop of age-defying antioxidant support and environmental protection to help strengthen, repair, and brighten your skin.

Vitamin C loves to fight crime alongside its comrade, Vitamin A. Due to its antioxidant properties, it's going to ward off the bad and strengthen the good. Vitamin C provides a wonderful boost to the skin's natural regeneration process, thus repairing damaged cells.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a tried and true dermatological wonder. It's long been believed to have photoprotective properties which is fancy talk for its ability to fight against molecular damage caused by the sun.

This nourishing vitamin also falls into the antioxidant category, making it a bosom buddy to Vitamins A and E. Between the three, they help the skin do what it does best - shield the body from harmful environmental pollutants.

Algae Extract

When we step on a slice of algae in the pond, we tend to scurry away as quickly as possible. Truth be told, we should be embracing such encounters. Algae extracts work hard to draw toxins out of the skin.

It simultaneously detoxifies the skin, hydrates, and softens it. More to the point, this miracle of nature actually extracts harmful toxins from the skin while replenishing our skin with powerful vitamins and minerals.

Take a look at our Oil Free Moisturiser. It's specially formulated with both Vitamin E and Algae Extract to shield your skin cells from free radicals.

What Don't You Want to See?

There are a few basic ingredients that you don't want to see in your skincare products. The first are parabens. A natural skincare line will go to great lengths to ensure the longevity of their products without parabens (or harmful preservatives).

Scientists are also wondering about the potential harm that comes from talc in our makeup. Researchers are unsure of its connection to cancer in long-time users. So, it's best to err on the side of caution and seek out a company that touts "Talc Free" products.

Finally, some companies will simply list "fragrance" as one of their ingredients and this is a no-no, too. We don't know what chemicals constitute that fragrance. So, try to steer clear of any skincare products that simply list an unknown fragrance in their ingredient list.

Natural Ingredients: Stay Beautiful and Healthy

When you think about it, it's hard to see the point in putting on makeup to enhance our beauty when all it's doing is entering our bodies and causing harm. Nowadays, women are becoming more and more selective about their skincare products.

Bravo, we say. Being on the lookout for some of the natural ingredients listed above should help you stay the course and steer clear of any invading chemicals. Here at Glo Skin Beauty, we have formulated a fully integrated line that starts with your cleanser and ends with your lipstick.

Since makeup is an extension of our skincare routines, we need to monitor what our skin drinks in. That's why we've worked hard to rely on nature as we formulated an entire skincare line that will both replenish and protect your skin. We look forward to pairing you with the perfect products today!

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