September 27, 2017

Perfect eyebrows can work wonders on enhancing your facial features, if you get them right! Brows, just like haircuts, are not one shape suits all, so what shape should yours be? The first thing you need to establish is which face shape you have. That's right, the wrong eyebrow shape for your face can completely throw off your look. Get the perfect eyebrows right however, and you will open up your eyes and even take years off your appearance. Let's find out how.

Step 1 To Perfect Eyebrows: Discover Your Face Shape

Commonly we can be identified with one of six different face shapes. These are Oval, Square, Round, Long, Heart and Diamond. Let's take a closer look at each one to help you identify which one you have. perfect eyebrows face shapes

Oval Face Shape

  • Forehead is wider than the chin
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Face tapers into a narrow oval chin

Square Face Shape

  • Forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are all around the same widths
  • The most obvious feature is the squared jaw line

Round Face Shape

  • The face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Widest point of the face is the cheeks

Long Face Shape

  • Your face is longer than it is wider, with a narrow width
  • Forehead and jawline are a similar width
  • The line of your cheeks and sides of your face are straight

Heart Face Shape

  • Similar to oval but chin tapers into a point

Diamond Face Shape

  • Slightly short forehead, and the face is widest at it's temples
  • commonly the face is highly angular

Step 2: Discover Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Now you've successfully identified your face shape, let's get to the important part, your brows. perfect eyebrow shape

Eyebrows for an oval shaped face

Lucky You! This is the most well-proportioned face shape. Your perfect eyebrow shape would be a soft angled arch, this will allow your sharp features to stand out for themselves.

Eyebrows for a square shaped face

To soften up your features stay away from any shapes which are too angular. Go for a softly rounded brow.

Eyebrows for a round shaped face

Contrary to Square shape faces you want define lacking bone structure. You can achieve this with a hard angled brow with a high arch.

Eyebrows for a long face shape

Go for a straight brow. It's important to extend the tails of the eyebrows a bit longer than the corner of the eye. This will play up the horizontal features and balance out the length of the face.

Eyebrows for a long face

The aim with a heart shape face is to soften the look of the face and balance your strong jawline. Going for a rounded arch is the best way to soften a pointy chin.

Eyebrows for a diamond face shape

Similarly to Heart shapes, you are working to soften an angled face, so go for a rounded brow. Now you know which shape your eyebrows should be, take a look at our tips and tricks to get them there.

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