Plumper Lips: Get Bee Stung Lips without the Sting

Plumper Lips: Get Bee Stung Lips without the Sting

September 08, 2016

Plumper Lips

Who doesn’t want bigger, plumper lips?

If you love the look of an oversized pout but don’t want to deal with painful potions or scary injections, go the natural route! Here are a few quick, easy and pain-free ways to get the plumper lips of your dreams using just makeup.

Highlight Your Assets

Adding just a touch of highlighter will give your lips the illusion of being a lot fuller than they really are. Simply dab a bit of highlighter on your finger and touch it to the centre of your bottom lip and right at the V area above your upper lip. By reflecting light, the highlighter will make your lips look lusher.

Avoid Dark Colours

You know how dark colours are slimming? The same holds true for lipstick! Darker shades are going to make your lips look thin while bright shades will make them pop. To get pillowy looking, plumper lips, go for glo-minerals Lipstick in Pink Sugar and Bella.

plumper lips

Never Skip the Lip Liner

Lip liner is an essential tool. Not only will it keep your lipstick in place, you can also draw ever so slightly outside of your natural lip line to make your lips look larger in a totally believable and subtle kind of way. And don’t stop by just drawing a circle around your lips! Fill in your entire mouth with lip liner to create a perfect canvas that’ll make your lipstick brighter and longer lasting. Have a ton of lipsticks? You will love the glo-minerals Lip Filler Pencil! This clear liner primer will fill in the fine lines, preventing feathering and leave your lips looking plush and hydrated under any colour of lipstick.

Create a Shadow

Ready to take your makeup game to the next level? Steal a tip from the pros! After you have chosen your colour and lined your lips, grab a lip liner that is one shade darker. Create one more line on the outer edges of your lips and blend well. By using a dark colour of liner, you’ll create the illusion of shadows (which, of course, your lips create because they are so massive!). For this trick grab a glo-minerals Precision Lip Pencil in a dark, matte shade. The right shade for you will depend on your lipstick colour as well as your skin tone but the glo-minerals Cedar and Vino shades are pretty universally flattering.



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