March 07, 2017

Did you know your skincare routine in the morning should be different to the one you have at night? We know getting into the habit of a skincare routine can be tough but equally, getting no results if you are diligent with your routine can be frustrating too. So don't waste your time applying the wrong products at the wrong time. Plus, since it's nearly spring, it's the perfect time to 'spring clean' your skincare routine, and make sure every step is beneficial for your skin renewal.

Morning Skincare Routinespring skin renewal

  1. Cleanse – It's important to use a cleanser in the morning as you'll need to wash away the products you applied in the evening. As well as anything that has collected on your skin whilst you slept (oil, dirt, makeup, etc.).
  2. Tone – Toning is extremely beneficial as it helps remove any trace of the cleanser remaining on the skin, whilst also calming, purifying and prepping the skin for the following products. (Discover the products recommended for your skin type.)
  3. Antioxidant Boost – On clean skin apply the Vitamin C serum most appropriate for your skin type (15% Vitamin C for oily and combination, Ultra 15% Vitamin C for dry). However, we do not recommend this step for sensitive skin. (Learn all the skin renewal benefits of Vitamin C.)
  4. Hydration Boost – Always follow your Vitamin C application with a Hyaluronic Acid-based product (B5 Hydration for oily, combination and sensitive, Advanced B5 Hydration for dry). Hyaluronic Acid in the morning has a dual purpose. Firstly, it will help rehydrate the skin and it will also assist with Vitamin C penetrating the skin.
  5. EyecareEyecare is an essential step in both your morning and evening routine.
  6. Hydrate Moisturise your skin to help protect's the skin's natural barrier. You need to apply this step even if you have oily skin, just go for an oil-free moisturiser.
  7. Protect – UV rays and HEV light are major culprits in skin damage and the onset of ageing. You're exposed to them year-round, whether it's sunny or cloudy. So sun protection is absolutely essential.

Optional Add-Ons for Skin Renewal

Exfoliate – To remove dead skin cell build-up and stimulate cell renewal, add an exfoliant into your skincare regimen 1 to 3 times per week. Exfoliate skin in the morning after Step 1 (Cleanse).

Nighttime Skincare Routine spring skin renewal

  1. Pre-Cleanse – The pre-cleanse stage is essentially removing any makeup, oil and debris collected on the skin throughout the day. Essential Cleansing Oil and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover are two products that will remove all makeup and residue on the skin.
  2. Cleanse – You can use the same cleanser that you use in the morning, to thoroughly cleanse your face.
  3. Tone – As in your morning routine, apply a toner to help prep the skin for the rest of your skincare products.
  4. Correct – At night is when skin replenishes skin cells and repairs DNA. So it's the perfect time to apply a treatment serum. Any serum that has a formula which increases skin's sensitivity to sunlight such as retinol, hydroquinone and/or hydroxy acids should be used at night. (After applying a serum with retinol, wait 30 minutes before applying moisturiser, so the serum has enough time to penetrate the skin)
  5. Eyecare – Make sure to apply your eye cream gently around the eyes. You can use the same eye cream from your morning routine.
  6. Moisturise – Choose a heavier moisturiser for nighttime to really nourish the skin.

Optional Add-Ons for Your Nightly Skin Renewal

  1. Mask – Adding a mask to your weekly skincare regimen can be extremely beneficial for skin renewal. Add a mask to your routine 1 to 3 times per week following Step 3 (Tone). If your mask is a hydrating mask, you can also replace Step 6 (Moisturise) by sleeping with the mask on. (Discover how to multi-mask to target different skin problems at once.)
  2. Exfoliate – Remove dead skin cell build-up and stimulate cell renewal by adding an exfoliant. Similar to your morning routine do this step 1 to 3 times per week. You can exfoliate in the evening after Step 2 (Cleanse).

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