June 20, 2017

On the SS17 runway, we saw a lot of minimal makeup and dewy skin looks. This makeup was combined with eye-popping coloured outfits like fuchsia pink. So we thought we'd combine the two and create a summer makeup look that had both glowing skin and popping pink lips. Follow the tutorial below to get the look. summer makeup


For the base, you always want to start with a good makeup primer. Whether it's a conventional Face Primer that fills in pores and smooths out the skin or a Mattifying Primer that balances oily skin, for a shine-free finish. For this look, we wanted to use the Tinted Primer SPF 30 as it smooths skin texture whilst also giving a light radiance to the skin. Plus since this is a summer makeup tutorial, any SPF included in your makeup is an added bonus! Next, we followed the primer with the Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 18. This liquid foundation delivers a gorgeous dewy finish, for the ultimate natural-looking summer makeup glow. Although, if you do suffer from oily skin, the Pressed Base is an excellent alternative. summer makeup look If you're still not sure what foundation and primer you'd want to use, click here to find out your ideal foundation and primer combination. To brighten your under eyes, the Luxe Liquid Concealer is an excellent choice as it doesn't just conceal and correct but can also be used as a highlighter too. Discover your ideal shades depending on skin tone. Apply concealer under eyes in an upside-down triangle to make the lighter shade appear more as a gradient and natural when blended into the skin. For the ultimate colour correction cheat sheet, click here. Find what you need to cover anything and everything from acne spots to rosacea and hyperpigmentation. We have the right product for you.

Sculpt and Highlight

To achieve sculpted cheekbones with a hint of luminosity, you will need a mineral Bronzer. Take your bronzing power and apply just below your cheekbones, lightly across your forehead and jawline to add definition and radiance. Follow this with a little Dust 24K or Shimmer Brick, depending on how dewy you want to look. Then using your Fan Brush apply highlighter across the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your noses for glowy, strobed skin. Finish off by giving your cheeks a healthy flushed look by applying Blush in Papaya to the apples of your cheeks.


You want your brows to be natural looking but groomed for this summer makeup look. So just fill in any sparse areas with the Precise Micro Browliner and brush through them with the spoolie-end of this eyebrow pencil to ensure the product is well distributed through your brows. If you're not an eyebrow pro and need a bit more help, don't worry. Just click here.


summer makeup look Now for the eyes, a soft, neutral smokey eye is appropriate for summer makeup.
  • Start by applying a Shadow Primer to the lids to ensure long-lasting eyeshadow staying power.
  • Then set this with a loose translucent powder to hep your eyeshadow application glide on more smoothly.
  • Once you've completed this step, you'll need to grab your Smoky Eye Kit - Warm. Taking the top right shade with an Eye Blender Brush, apply it into the crease using a mix of windshield wiper and circular motions. This will really diffuse the shade for a seamless transition colour.
  • Next deepen the crease with the bottom left shade, using a Crease Brush.
  • Follow this with the Mini Crease Brush and the darkest shade in the palette to add a bit more intensity to the outer v of your eye.
  • Drag this same shade with the same brush through your lower lash line for added dramatic effect.
  • To avoid any harsh lines go back to your Eye Blender Brush and really blend out the outer v and you lower lash line.
  • Then in the inner 3 quarters, using the Eye Base Brush, pack on the lightest shade across the lid.
Expert Tip: To make this shade more pigmented, spritz a little a face spray onto your brush before dipping into the eyeshadow powder. Of course, don't forget to swipe on a few layers of your favourite mineral mascara for a gorgeous yet subtle finish.


To tie up this look and really give your summer makeup the 'wow' factor, apply Suede Matte Crayon in Sorbet. This gorgeously pigmented, pretty pink shade manages to make you feel fierce yet feminine at the same time. What's not to love.

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