June 03, 2019

Summer, like any season, can affect your skincare regimen.

With summer skincare, comes controversy in terms of how to take care of the skin, and we need to make sure we’re careful where we’re getting our information from.

There are numerous sources giving out incorrect information, old wives’ tales, and many common misconceptions about how to take care of the skin in the summer.

Here are 5 summer skincare myths, debunked.

Myth Number #1: Vinegar or butter can soothe a sunburn

This is a common misconception that numerous people seem to believe. Vinegar in its nature is acidic and could potentially lead to further irritation for one suffering from a sunburn.

Although vinegar can have antibacterial effects, it will be very uncomfortable to apply to recently sunburned skin, so you may want to avoid it.

sunburned skin

Butter is also commonly perceived as a “home remedy” for sunburn. The theory is that you apply butter to lock in moisture and avoid skin from drying out even further, when already burnt.

This will actually worsen your condition, as applying butter to your skin and exposing that skin to the sun will actually lead to the skin burning even more - consider when you put butter in a frying pan, it will melt then start bubbling like oil, best to avoid it.

For sunburnt skin a good natural home remedy is to apply Aloe Vera to the skin, which will assist in the rehydration, you can also browse our range of natural products for sun damaged skin.

Myth Number #2: Wearing SPF means you won’t get a tan

There are many people who end up with bad cases of sunburn, simply because they think that they’ll end up with a better tan if they were to compromise the sun protection and not wear SPF.

The issue with this is, regardless of if it’s just one day, the sun’s harmful UV rays don’t show mercy, and you could end up with a severe case of sun damage, just because you wanted a tan.

heart in suncream

SPF won’t stop you from getting burnt, it protects you from the sun. If you were to apply a 1cm layer of sun cream and make yourself look like a cheesecake, you’re less likely to get a tan, but the application of SPF should be plenty to layer the skin, just don’t overdo it.

But also, it’s important to keep applying SPF protection throughout the day, as factors such as sweat, swimming and merely absorption can reduce the protection factor.

Myth Number #3: Summer skincare is just about what you put on the skin

As well as sun protection products, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated, drinking between 1.5 to 2.5 litres of water per day.

 staying hydrated with water

Other factors that affect the skin’s ability to resist the sun is the number of antioxidants you consume. For instance, foods that contain lycopene, such as watermelons, tomatoes, and papayas, have been seen to help reduce skin redness.

Myth Number #4: You don’t need sun protection when it’s cloudy

Yes, when it’s a cloudy day it may feel as if the sun is not doing you justice, but this is another myth that many believe to be fact.

clouds in the sky

UV rays are more than capable of penetrating clouds and you would be wise to ensure that you wear sun protection, regardless of if it’s as clear as day, or cloudy.

Myth Number #5: Be weary of skin exfoliators such as Glycolic Acid

It may sound sinister, but Glycolic Acid is a perfectly natural ingredient derived from the sugar cane.

Those who may have had a bad experience in the past are likely to have used a product that contained harmful chemicals such as preservatives or parabens, luckily we don’t use any of those in our natural Glycolic Acid skincare products.

In essence...

Summer skincare can come with a lot of common misconceptions, if you remember to stay hydrated, apply SPF regularly and eat foods high in antioxidants, you should be fine.

We have a wide range of natural skincare products that offer sun protection and after-sun care, be sure to look through today and pick the products that suit you.

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