May 27, 2020

As women are going for more vibrant colors, the latest makeup trends are anything but subtle. Here are the latest makeup trends that will be everywhere in 2020.

Who says makeup is about playing by the rules?

As times change, so too do our beauty habits. And as the freewheeling year of experimental makeup that was 2019 shows, makeup is all about having a great time. Some of the biggest makeup trends of 2020 are familiar because they're classics (red lipstick, anyone?) Then there are those that feel right out of the future (what's this about floating eyeliner?) The common thread is doing your makeup in a way that makes you feel beautiful. Here's a look at a few of the big trends this year to add to your beauty rotation and make your own.

All That Glitters

Who says your signature smokey eye needs to stay the same from one year to the next? In 2020, the smokey eye is getting a sparkly upgrade. Level up your tried-and-true smokey eye with a glittery eyeshadow. Depending on your aesthetic, this look can either be your all-out take-over-the-town look or your boss lady everyday look. Either way, keep in mind that a shimmery smokey eye demands a bit more technique to keep it looking more runway than raccoon. If you want something a bit more understated (but equally sparkly) break out your best cat eye and tap some silver glitter around your eyes. You can also make it a bit less polished by ditching the cat eye, rimming your eyes with black liner (the smudgier the better) and tap on some silver glitter under your eyes.

Floating Eyeliner

Then again, who says you need to stick to a traditional black eyeliner? The floating eyeliner trend invites you to remember that makeup is about having fun (and also, your lash line and your eyeliner need not be close neighbours). This is the time to branch out, live on the edge, and try something new. In 2020, you're going to see a lot of eyeliner liberated from the lash line. Oh, and you'll also see it in all the bright colours of the rainbow. After all, if you're trying to have fun with your eyeliner rather than just accentuate your eyes, why not live a little? The easiest way to approach floating eyeliner is to treat your brow line like your lash line. Put on some of your favourite eyeshadow (we love these palettes). Then, break out your eyeliner and use a sharp-angled brush to apply along your brow line. And hey, if you want to live on the edge, why not get creative? With your eyeliner free of your lash line, feel equally free to experiment with drawing shapes, like wings or the top of a cloud. The better to wow at a party.

Structured Brows

Remember the unkempt brows of yesteryear? Remember drawing on your brows like your life was on the line? No more. The brows of 2020 are structured but lived-in, bold but more brow-like than cartoonish. You can go for feathered brows or a simple structured brow with clear brow gel. The key in 2020 is a brow that looks au naturel. Either way, start by knowing your brow shape and how to work with what you've got. For that, we recommend a crash course in brow mapping and check out our guide to creating the perfect brow. The next thing you know, you'll be doing your brows like a professional makeup artist (or at least, doing your own brows with more polish).

The Power of Red Lipstick

This year, leave the pinks and corals behind and reach for a shade of red that could kill a man (or at least make Marilyn Monroe proud). 2020 will be a year that juxtaposes the trendy with the traditional, and nothing is more classic than red lipstick. And some red lipsticks are so good, they've been the best red lipsticks for years (think Chanel's cult favourite and universally flattering shade, Pirate, formulated to imitate the shade worn by Coco herself). Keep in mind that red lips are not for everyone--or rather, not every shade of red works with every skin tone. As a rule of thumb, you can either match your undertones (warm undertones for warm, cool undertones for cool).

Pops of Blue

That said, don't limit your colour to your lips. If there's one colour we can expect to see this year besides red, it's blue--a bold shade like the sky at dusk, a deep and tranquil blue that makes you feel downright royal. But if blue has long been on your radar, now is the time to experiment with fun shades and applications. You can update your smokey eye by doing it in blue. You can revolutionise your cat eye with a deep, understated navy or a breezy powder blue. Reach for a brush of sapphire eyeshadow like the queen you are. The point is, don't be afraid to play. But keep in mind that if you're maxing out the colour around your eyes, make sure to keep it neutral and understated in other areas to strike a balance.

Want More Makeup Trends?

Why stop with just a few makeup trends? There's a whole new world of makeup out there, just waiting for you to discover the look that makes you feel like your fabulous self. If you need more tips to make your makeup your own, make sure to check out our blog for more great posts, like this one on finding your signature lip shade. Because every day is an opportunity to be your own trendsetter.

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