February 09, 2016

For Valentine's day we've created a Valentine's kit to help those struggling to find the perfect gift for their loved one. But this kit is also great to treat yourself, whether you've got a date night or girls night sorted! What's more, we're offering 25% off, but this kit is available for a limited time only so get yours NOW!

However, we've gone one step further and created a bunch of makeup ideas for valentine's day.

Valentine's makeup ideas


Using the Liquid Foundation Brush, apply a pea sized amount of Face Primer to the face and then use Sheer Tint Base to even out your complexion. Follow this up with the use of your Ultra Brush to add a light layer of Pressed Base Powder for just a little extra coverage. Next, using the Camouflage Brush, make sure to conceal dark, under-eye circles with Under-Eye Concealer, and set it with the lightest, matte shade in your Contour Kit with the Contour/Highlight Brush then finish with using your Powder Brush to dust Perfecting Powder over your entire face.


You can re-use your Camouflage Brush to apply Lid Primer across your whole lid, from the lash-line all the way up to your brow bone. This will prevent any fallout and ensure your eye makeup stays put, all day. Then, using the Crease Brush, sweep Eyeshadow in 'Twig' through your crease, in a windshield-wiper motion followed by packing on Eyeshadow in 'Harvest' onto your entire lid with Eye Base Brush, and make sure you blend out any harsh lines using a Blender Brush. After this, line your upper lash-line with Graphic Liner in 'black' to create a dramatic winged effect (you can clean up and sharpen the edges using Camouflage Oil-Free concealer), proceeding with a coat or two of Lash-Boosting Mascara to the upper and lower lashes.


Fill in brows with Precision Brow Pencil and shape them wherever sparse with Brow Powder Duo and it's matching Dual Brow Brush.


Define your cheekbones by dabbing the Contour/Highlight Brush into the bronze shades in our Contour Kit, blending from the outer cheekbones up to the edges of your temple. You can also sweep a small amount of bronze across your jawline and on your neck to add some more dimension and ensure your skin looks even. Follow this with Blush in 'Papaya' on the apples of your cheeks and make sure to blend up, just above your cheekbones, with your Blush Brush, into the direction of your brow bone.


Finish off the look with a bold, red lip using Suede Matte Crayon in 'Bombshell'

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