December 10, 2020

With six unique and gorgeous skin complexion types, it can be difficult to know which one describes you.

From fair skin to dark and everything in between, understanding the different types of skin tones makes choosing the perfect makeup a breeze. 

Here we'll explore all six skin colour complexion types and the best foundations for a smooth, natural-looking glow.

Grab your makeup brush and get ready to put your best face forward!

Six Skin Complexion Types

Let's start by briefly covering the six most common skin complexion types. Not only does your complexion type determine the colour of your skin but also how it reacts to UV exposure.

Type I

This is the fairest skin tone. Type I skin is light in colour and is highly susceptible to sunburn. Type I skin rarely tans.

Type II

Type II skin is also very fair and light in colour. While it generally burns from UV exposure, it sometimes tans.

Type III

Type III skin is also known as medium skin and tans more often than it burns.

Type IV

Type IV skin is commonly referred to as an olive complexion. This skin type rarely burns and almost always tans. 

Type V

Type V skin is the first of the darker, pigmented complexions. Those with a type V skin complexion have moderately pigmented brown skin that never burns and always tans.

Type VI

This skin complexion type is the darkest with notably pigmented black skin. Type VI skin never burns.

Undertones and Skin Types

In addition to skin complexion, there are also skin types and undertones. 

The most common skin types are oily, dry, sensitive, and combination.

Certain foundations and makeups work best with dry skin, while others are fine for oily and combination skin types. Sensitive skin may require a special formula.

There are also three traditional skin undertones: warm, cool, and natural.

Warm undertones generally range from a peach colour to golden. Cool undertones are described as pink or blueish. Neutral undertones generally match the colour of your actual skin.

All of our foundations are designed to match and compliment countless skin type, complexion, and undertone combinations. 

A Makeup Match Guide

Once you've determined your skin colour complexion type, it's time to explore your makeup options. Certain foundations work best depending on the colour and texture of your skin.

Here are some of our most popular foundation options and tips for choosing your best match.

HD Mineral Foundation Stick

Available in 8 gorgeous colours, it's never been easier to find a foundation stick to cover blemishes and smooth out uneven skin.

Foundation sticks are less messy than most liquid formulas and offer more coverage than creams. Our Mineral Foundation Stick is perfect for normal, oily, or combination skin types. 

Flawless coverage isn't the only perk of using our high-performance mineral foundation stick. This lightweight cream foundation boosts hydration and shields your skin using natural mineral environmental protection. 

Use this product as a concealer or to contour and highlight your skin. The petite size makes it the perfect foundation stick to use on the go.

Loose Powder Base

If you enjoy the coverage of a cream foundation with the lightweight feel of a powder, you'll love our Loose Base powder foundation

Available in 9 beautiful shades, you can easily add both coverage and protection with a few strokes of your brush. Powder foundation is best for those with normal or dry skin types. It also gives a matte finish and is a great choice for beginners.

Our Loose Base powder foundation nurtures your skin, using talc-free mineral powder. It also offers broad-spectrum UV protection and antioxidants. 

You'll love how radiant and healthy your skin looks and feels when you apply this powder base.

Pressed Base Mineral Powder

If variety is what you're after, look no further than our Pressed Base Mineral Powder. Available in twenty gorgeous shades, this mineral powder foundation covers and corrects skin while keeping it healthy and radiant.

Our Pressed Based Mineral Powder is designed for use by all skin types and complexions. This is the ideal foundation choice for anyone with sensitive skin, acne, or rosacea. 

Packed with antioxidants and broad-spectrum UV protection, this pressed base powder not only protects but nourishes your skin. Paraben-free, talc-free, and non-comedogenic, this is one of the healthiest foundations for sensitive skin.

Pressed powder is also perfect for use over our liquid foundation or as a concealer, helping your makeup last longer. 

Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18

Nothing covers, protects, and smooths skin quite like a liquid foundation. Liquid foundation is also one of the most versatile options, working well with normal and combination skin types.

Our Luminous Liquid Foundation revitalizes the skin at first application and throughout the entire day. Unlike other liquid foundations, our products are light, soft, and offer the benefits of Diamond Powder. 

This unique non-comedogenic foundation erases imperfections. The specialised moisturising formula is perfect for anyone with dry skin. You'll love how easy and smooth the foundation glides onto the skin, leaving a youthful, flawless finish.

Our Luminous Liquid Foundation also boasts several antioxidants including Green Tea Extract and vitamins A, C, and E. 

Satin Cream Foundation

The name says it all. This foundation is satin-smooth and nurturing for all skin types (except those that are excessively oily). 

Choose from 15 flawless shades for a perfect match. Our Satin Cream Foundation covers, corrects, and protects your skin thanks to the broad-spectrum UV formula. 

If high-coverage foundation is what you're after, you'll love the high-pigment minerals that this product delivers.

Packed with vitamins A, C, E and the same Green Tea Extract as our liquid foundation, our Satin Cream Foundation helps maintain your skin's health and radiance. 

Achieve a Flawless Finish

As the name suggests, the foundation you choose is the heart of your skincare and makeup regime. But it's not the only product that matters.

When choosing the perfect makeup for your skin complexion type you should also invest in quality primers and concealers. These, along with your foundation or powder, are the building blocks of flawless, radiant skin.

Your skincare regime is also another important step in achieving healthy, glowing skin. The healthier your skin is, the better your makeup application results will be.

Investing in quality exfoliators, moisturisers, serums, and sun protection is an investment in the health and appearance of your skin.

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Embrace your inner and external beauty by choosing the right makeup match for your unique skin. With so many skin complexion types, a little knowledge goes a long way.

Our products not only deliver flawless results but also promote healthy, radiant skin. Pamper yourself with one of our makeup kits or skincare sets

Browse our blog for more informative posts to help your nourish both your mind and body. 


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