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Natural Blush Makeup

Glo Skin Beauty presents a range of fancy yet affordable blush makeup products that have all been professionally designed and manufactured with the highest standards in safety and ethics. Our selection of cute and playful colours, and different products are suitable for various skin types to ensures that you will find something you will love, and your skin will absolutely love it too. 

The active ingredients in our exclusive natural blush formulations include nourishing vitamins such as A, C, and E, as well as green tea extract which has been shown in numerous studies to provide anti-ageing properties and other benefits when applied topically.

How do you apply blush?

There are many methods and differing opinions on this question, based on the face shape, colour of blusher makeup, and more, but there are some basics and examples we can share here today. Let's use pink coloured natural blush as our example here. First, you will need a decent brush. Next, locate where the apples of your cheeks are – smile in the mirror and you'll see the apples pop out.

Now, lightly dip your brush in to the blush and swirl it around in small circles on the apples of your cheeks. Don't go too low on the face, and don't go past the laugh line near your mouth.

What types of blushers are available?

Here at Glo Skin Beauty UK we have both powder and cream styles to give you that natural blush look whenever you need it, and no matter what your skin type. There are differences between the two styles, obviously, but they're both great and have their individual benefits.

First of all, most experts recommend using the type of blush that matches with the type of foundations or concealers you're using. So, if you're using a cream foundation go with a cream blush, and vice versa. Cream formulations are generally recommended for their ease of use, but a powder blush will usually last longer.

Natural Blush Makeup Products

All of our natural blush makeup is created with the safety of our customers and the entire planet as a top priority. We use pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals, and all ingredients are processed and sourced by the best in the business. The vitamins and antioxidants in our natural blush makeup ensure a healthy glow while you feel good on the inside too.

We don't use talcum powder as a bulking agent as some other companies do in an attempt to raise their profits by selling you inferior products, and none of our natural and mineral blush products contain perfumes, parabens, or chemical dyes.