Natural body moisturisers for rosacea

Bringing together an innovative combination of active ingredients, our body moisturisers target and help to treat the symptoms and causes of a variety of skin concerns, including Rosacea.

Providing transformative results, our innovative, cruelty free range of body moisturiser for Rosacea instantly start working to sooth and hydrate the skin, eliminating redness, diminishing hyperpigmentation, and protecting against oxidation damage. When considering a moisturiser for Rosacea, it is best to always look at the active ingredients to see if there is chemical content doing more harm than good.

Our body moisturisers for rosacea utilise active ingredients including Peony and Goldenrod Extracts to target hyperpigmentation, Sunflower Seed Oil to help reduce redness, and Oat Beta Glucan, which has been proven to promote healing and reduce discolouration, whilst protecting the skin against UV damage.

Part of a professional skincare range that has been specifically designed by dermatologists, our body moisturising products are all free from dyes, fragrance, parabens, gluten, nuts, and soy.