Natural Eyebrow Makeup Products

We at Glo Skin Beauty UK has created a range of products to give your skin the royal treatment, sparing no expense in research and development, and now we have set our sights on creating the best eyebrow makeup in the UK for our loyal customers.

From pencils and powders to wax, gels and mascara, you're sure to find something to give you a bold new look while maintaining and actually improving the health of your skin. The health benefits come from our own blend of antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E as well as green tea extract which have all been clinically proven.

What is brow powder?

Brow powder is a type of makeup that is used for a variety of reasons such as to fill in sparse eyebrows, cover up white hairs, reshape edges, or simply to create a more intense look with dark and thicker brows. However, it is often favoured over other potential solutions because it is easier to make a more natural look with this type of brow makeup as well. So, whether you want to keep it natural or you want to really stun the world, you can do both with the right makeup collection.

You don't need to spend a fortune to frame your face and brows with a powder, but you can't just dab it on with a paintbrush and hope for the best either. Precision is the key, particularly when you're going for a natural look, and we kept this in mind when designing our brushes and powder kits.

What is natural eyebrow makeup?

It's fairly simple, really. Traditionally, makeup has been formulated using all kinds of chemicals. These chemicals were used as preservatives to give the product a longer shelf life and to do all of the other things we wanted makeup to do. Now that we have progressed in terms of science and ethics, we've learned a thing or two about what not to put on our skin.

You may also hear it referred to by others as vegan eyebrow makeup when the product and the ingredients have not been tested on animals. We liked the sound of that, so you will never find a product from Glo Skin Beauty UK that has been tested on animals.

So, instead of putting parabens and other risky ingredients in our products, and instead of using talc as fillers to bulk up the product, we just decided to formulate our eyebrow powder and natural brow gel products with nourishing ingredients and give you what you pay for.