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Cleanser Products Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Those who suffer from sensitive skin need to take more precautions when it comes to what they put on their skin.

Other than the makeup and skincare products that sensitive skin sufferers must be vigilant about, those who suffer from sensitive skin find it hard to find suitable cleansers that are both gentle, and effective.

Our range of natural skin cleansers are suitable for sensitive skin, formulated with natural ingredients to provide the finest quality treatment for you.

What’s a sensitive skin cleanser?

A sensitive skin cleanser is ideally formulated of calming ingredients for the skin, to ensure the skin gets that extra boost it needs to provide a calming effect for sensitive and inflamed skin.

A typical cleanser product removes makeup, cleanses excess skin cells, dirt and oil, and any other pollutants that may build up in the face.

The ideal cleanser product for sensitive skin is also free of harmful filler chemicals such as talc and parabens, as these don’t do your skin justice, especially for sensitive skin sufferers.

Our sensitive skin cleansers, or our definition of one, is a naturally formulated skin cleanser, helping to remove excess oil and deeply cleanse the skin; offering all the benefits of an effective cleanser, whilst also providing calming benefits so that the skin isn’t harmed.

What active ingredients do you use in your skin cleansers for sensitive skin?

We incorporate natural ingredients as part of our main philosophy when it comes to our natural skincare products.

Our Conditioning Milk Cleanser, for instance, is formulated with jojoba oil to help moisturise dry and inflamed skin, helping to soothe sensitive skin negatively affected by inflammation.

Grapeseed extract is also incorporated in this natural facial cleanser, working as a powerful antioxidant, with reparative effects.

Our daily polishing cleanser is also formulated with Jojoba beads that helps with the reduction of inflammation; not to mention the gentle ingredient complex incorporating natural amino acid blends, to make this cleanser suitable for daily use, even for those with very sensitive skin.