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Concealers Suitable for use on Dry Skin

Dry skin is a commonly suffered issue that could arise as a result of mineral deficiencies, forgetting to regularly moisturise, or other environmental factors such as sun damage.

Concealer is a useful tool for those who wish to hide the dark circles around their eyes, cover up spots and redness or even to smooth out the skin, unfortunately for those with dry skin it is harder to find suitable concealer products.

It is not unknown that it can be difficult finding suitable products for dry skin, especially when it comes to choosing makeup products, that wouldn’t ultimately worsen the condition.

Our natural concealer products, however, are suitable for dry skin, void of parabens and talc-free. Providing additional benefits to the common high street concealer, also helping to counteract dry skin altogether.

Does concealer dry out the skin?

With common high street brands, liquid concealer products, typically with matte finishes tend to dry out the skin. The matte finishes tend to emphasise the dryness of the skin, whereas our range is different.

Our liquid concealers contain active ingredients that have hydrating properties, ensuring that skin is taken care of, as well as working the same way as a normal concealer.

The difference being: our concealers are specialised to deliver customised correction for any skin tone, so regardless of whether you have dry skin or not, it will appear seamless following the application of our concealers.

Our concealers are made with natural ingredients and free of parabens and talc, fillers that may worsen the condition of dry, as well as sensitive skin – Fillers we don’t deem necessary for use in our concealer products suitable for oily skin.

What active ingredients are infused in your dry skin concealers?

We believe in the use of active ingredients to ensure that our product don’t just cover skin issues, but also targets the improvement of them from the source.

Our Corrective Camouflage Kit, for instance, is made up of a blend of antioxidants, as well as Vitamins A, C, E and Green tea extract, to help provide additional nourishment to promote healthier general skin health.

Green Tea extract can work to effectively hydrate the skin, paired with Vitamin E for a truly superior antioxidant blend to counteract negative effects of dry skin, as well as working as an effective concealer, all incorporated in one handy product.