Get chiselled cheekbones and glowing skin with our range of Natural contour makeup products, along with our bronzer and highlighter range. Designed for easy application, whether a beginner or an expert, you can’t go wrong with our collection of primer creams and other mineral products that have been expertly developed.

With the formulations of our highlighters range and contour makeup products easily enabling a seamless, blended look, the natural, high-pigment minerals within each of our mineral contour makeup palettes and products are guaranteed to flatter any skin tone.

What is mineral contour?

Mineral makeup is a more natural solution to beauty and skincare issues as it is made from naturally occurring minerals, as the name suggests, and does not contain any of the harmful or risky chemicals you may find elsewhere.

Our natural contour makeup products such as our Face Bronzer include high-pigment minerals for a great diversity in shades, so you can experiment and find the perfect look, and it will make your skin feel great too. The boost in skin health and radiance comes from the nourishing green tea extract as well as vitamins A, C, and E providing antioxidants and more.

On the other hand, there are certain ingredients we will never use. The entire range of Glo Skin Beauty products is talc and Paraben-free. Talc is often used as a filler agent in traditional cosmetics, which makes it seem as if you're getting more for your money while you're really getting a watered-down product. Parabens are also used in many cosmetics as a preservative, but we are not comfortable using them due to numerous safety concerns.

This strictness in safety and quality of ingredients makes Glo Skin Beauty products great for anyone with rosacea and acne prone skin as well, because the entire range is non-comedogenic and gentle on the skin.

What is natural contour and highlight makeup?

Contouring and highlighting is where makeup becomes more of an art form. There are no rules, and it's very subjective, but there are some basic principles.

Contouring is the use of a product, such as powder, liquid or cream, that is darker than your natural skin tone. It's not too much darker – just a few shades – and it can be used to add definition in areas such as cheekbones, the tip of your chin, forehead, nose, and so on.

Highlighting is the use of a product that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Again, just a couple of shades difference is fine. Highlight makeup is most often used on the forehead, just under the eyes, and sometimes the chin, which are all areas that naturally catch light.

There are all kinds of styles and opinions on how to contour makeup and highlight for different face types, so you can either do a little bit of research on what is right for you, or just start mixing and blending today with one of our natural contour palette kits.