There is a lot of controversy when it comes to when you should exfoliate, what type of exfoliator to use for your skin type, as well as what type of exfoliators in general can benefit you the most.

Exfoliation is key to clearing your pores of dead skin particles, dirt clogging the pores, and for general prevention of acne in the skin. When it comes to sensitive skin, you need to ensure when choosing a specific skin product to tone and exfoliate the skin, that it is firstly gentle, and effective.

What makes a good exfoliator for sensitive skin?

Common issues that arise with exfoliation for those who suffer from sensitive skin include the risk of causing irritation that you need to take care not to let happen.

Usually with general highstreet exfoliator products in the UK that’s the case, but with our range of exfoliator products for sensitive skin blended with natural, quality ingredients, they are made specially to prevent irritation.

A good exfoliator, when considering one for sensitive skin in particular, is most suited to its purpose when it clears dead skin cells, as well as nourishing the skin’s surface with essential oils and antioxidants, to prevent irritation that usually stems from over-exfoliation.

Glo Skin Beauty’s range of exfoliators for sensitive skin are specifically formulated for sensitive skin types that aren’t well suited for manual exfoliation.

What active ingredients do Glo use in their sensitive skin exfoliators?

Glo Skin Beauty UK use a range of active ingredients in their exfoliators for sensitive skin sufferers to help nourish the skin and effectively exfoliate, without causing irritation.

Glo’s refresh facial polish is made with the active ingredients including gentle aloe vera, as well as jojoba extract and peppermint oil, as well as potent antioxidants and essential oils to nourish the skin post-exfoliation.

Our gentle enzyme exfoliant is formulated with pumpkin enzymes, fruit acids including grapefruit oil and orange extract, as well as linseed extract, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other vital skin nutrients with anti ageing properties - helping to nourish sensitive skin as well as offering a solution to exfoliation without causing irritation.

Our range of exfoliators for sensitive skin are made up of the finest quality gentle ingredients to both effectively exfoliate and provide nutrients for sensitive skin. Specially formulated to not irritate the skin, our range of exfoliators are ideal for many skin types.