Natural Face Exfoliants

Clearing your skin of dead cells using natural exfoliants is a very important part of ensuring your skin looks healthy and revitalized. We provide natural exfoliating cleansers, and natural face exfoliators which assure the removal of dead skin cell build up helping to stimulate cell regeneration with granules and enzymes that exfoliate without stress or irritation to the skin.

Here at Glo Skin Beauty, we don't have any catch-all solutions that are perfect for everyone, so we don't have just one type of natural face exfoliator. We have an entire range of products, and each one is designed for particular skin types and conditions.

From resurfacing to brightening, and with choices between retinol and glycolic ingredients, there are natural exfoliant products here to treat a variety of concerns. We've got sensitive and oily skin covered too, through the use of our Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant which uses a mix of enzymes and fruit acids as a vegan exfoliator that is gentle yet effective.

Why you should exfoliate your skin

There are quite a few reasons why you should be exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. First of all, if you're not doing it then you are walking around with many layers of dead skin cells on your face, and your entire body for that matter, which is just not a good look. These dead cells should simply wash away, but moisturiser actually helps them stick around for longer, so an exfoliation is required to speed up the process.

By getting rid of these old cells quicker, the fresh cells underneath get their chance to shine. This also helps to prevent wrinkles because the fresher cells have more elasticity. And if all of that is not enough to convince you on the merits of exfoliation, how about the money you'll save on foundation? Smoother skin means using less foundation, and applying it becomes a breeze.

How to correctly exfoliate

  • Start fresh: Apply the spray, cream, or serum to your clean and dry face in the desired areas. Avoid the areas close to your eyes and mouth, and don't go too far toward your hairline.
  • Rub it in: Gently rub the natural face exfoliator in to the skin using small, circular motions. Follow the directions for your particular product and wait the required time before rinsing.
  • Be gentle: This is particularly important for first-timers. You shouldn't see too much redness, and your skin shouldn't begin to flake or peel away. That is a sign that you need to be more gentle.
  • Scheduling: You shouldn't be exfoliating every day, because it's really just supposed to help the natural process along. If you have sensitive skin, once per week is usually fine. Oily skin can handle a lot more exfoliation – almost on a daily basis if required. Normal skin can benefit from exfoliation about two or three times per week.

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