When it comes to oily skin, picking the right exfoliator is essential to your skincare routine. It is difficult to find an ideal exfoliator to suit your skin’s requirements, that’s why we use unique, natural ingredients that are specifically formulated to help balance oily skin.

Oily skin happens when your skin produces excess sebum, which can make it difficult to find products suitable to your skin type. That’s why our natural products for oily skin are formulated with the best ingredients to help keep it under control, rest assured we at Glo Skin Beauty have you covered.

How often should I exfoliate if I have oily skin?

Although our exfoliators are suitable for oily skin, no two skin types are made equal. For those with extra sensitive skin it is recommended to exfoliate less often, however for those with general oily skin, it is recommended that you exfoliate three times a week, to ensure you keep your skin’s excess sebum at bay.

Bear in mind, you don’t want to over-exfoliate to prevent yourself from irritating the skin. Ensure you don’t surpass four times a week. Over-exfoliation could lead to dry skin, redness, and general sensitive skin, which can be prevented by limiting how often you exfoliate the skin, and let the natural exfoliators do their work.

Benefits of exfoliation

Exfoliation benefits the skin in many ways, from unclogging pores, preventing acne and evening out the skin tone. Exfoliation helps to clear the dead skin cells from the skin’s pores, revealing glowing, healthier looking skin. Usually those who suffer from oily skin find it harder to find products that cooperate with their skin type.

As well as the above mentioned benefits, especially for oily skin, exfoliation provides numerous benefits. As oily skin tends to have an extra layer of dead skin as compared to those with less oily skin, making exfoliation is an essential part of any effective oily skin care routine.

Gentle exfoliation using our natural products is vital for those with oily skin. With our products formulated with active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, our natural exfoliators are specifically formulated to help reduce excessive oil production, and cleanse the pores of dead skin.