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Natural Eye Shadow Kits & Palettes

Glo Skin Beauty has a range of natural, high-pigment mineral eyeshadow that is gaining popularity in the UK for its ease of use and skin nourishing properties. Whether you need a simple shadow stick or a deluxe natural eyeshadow makeup kit, or perhaps a primer to maintain the look, we've got you covered with high quality products.

Our shadows don't just make you look good – these products contain healthy ingredients such as green tea extract and vitamins C and E. So, while you're avoiding the risky chemicals and additives that are in some traditional eyeshadows, you're adding a boost of natural healing power at the same time.

Paraben and talc-free natural eyeshadow palettes

The entire range of Glo Skin Beauty products is talc-free. A lot of our competitors are still using talcum powder as a filler in their products. This cuts down on the ratio of pigment to product, so you end up needing to use more than you think. You could think of it as like buying orange juice that is 50% water. It's not fair to the customer, and we don't do that here, so when you buy from our store you know exactly what you're getting.

Parabens are another issue to think about in cosmetics and skin care. They're used as a preservative to prolong the shelf life of goods, but there can be adverse reactions on some skin types. Here at Glo Skin Beauty we do not use parabens in any of our natural eyeshadow products, and the only item in our range that contains parabens is the lash thickener & conditioner.

How to apply our natural eyeshadow

Glo Skin Beauty's natural eyeshadow palletes should be used just as you would use a traditional shadow, and that means there are no strict rules but there are some general principles to go by. First of all, you really should have a round eye brush for this. However, you can use your finger to apply shadow if you need to.

Start by dipping your brush in to a lighter shade of eyeshadow and apply it to the lid from your lash and then move up to the crease. Stop before you reach the brow. Now, dip your brush in a darker shade and use it to create contours around the eyes. Don't forget to blend it in, and then repeat if you want a more bold look.

If you find that your eyeshadow isn't lasting long enough between reapplications, try using our Shadow Primer before the shadow so it will maintain shape and colour for longer.