Natural Face Makeup

Glo Skin Beauty is a clinically-advanced face make up range that combines pharmaceutical grade ingredients, natural minerals and antioxidants to create a face makeup kits & products range that covers, corrects and protects your skin. All of our face makeup products are designed to ensure full coverage whilst still allowing the skin to breathe. Each natural product containing a unique formulation packed with benefits that will nourish your skin. Shop Glo Skin Beauty for the best mineral Natural Face Makeup beauty & skincare products.

Mineral Face Makeup Benefits

Our entire range of mineral face makeup here at Glo Skin Beauty is professionally designed and produced with safety, effectiveness, and ethics as our top priorities. As far as safety is concerned, mineral face makeup is much better because it does not contain harsh chemicals, perfumes, chemical dyes, or parabens, so your skin can relax and concentrate on looking the best it can.

Our natural products such as talc free makeup sets are more effective than traditional cosmetics because we don't put in useless ingredients just to make a bigger profit. Talc is often used in regular makeup just as a filler to make it appear as if you're getting more product for your money, while you're actually getting less of the ingredients you paid for. We don't do that.

Another benefit is related to the ethics of producing cosmetics, and just being a good human. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to ethics, and that is why we have pledged that we'll never use animal testing on any of our products, and we won't even buy ingredients from any company who does it, no matter the savings in cost to us.

Read more in detail about the benefits in our blog about how mineral foundation improves skin if you would like to find out why this trend is not going away any time soon.

What makes a natural face makeup product?

Obviously, the main defining idea behind mineral face makeup is the lack of chemicals. We've gone to great lengths to make sure that parabens are not used, as well as other chemicals which can be harmful or irritate the skin. Thousands of our mineral makeup UK customers have already made the switch, and their skin thanks them for it every day.

Because our products do not contain filler agents as mentioned above, it is much easier to get a consistent, flawless coverage with our makeup. This allows you to create a more subtle, barely there, style when compared to traditional cosmetics that can feel cakey.

Consistent coverage while retaining breathability is another feature of natural face makeup that people love. You will no longer feel as if your face is being suffocated by a mask of ooze when you try a more natural approach. Allowing the skin to breathe helps people with sensitive skin in a number of ways, but everyone can benefit from having a healthier canvas to work with.