Mineral Foundation Makeup Products

Achieve flawless skin with the Glo Skin Beauty UK's mineral based natural foundation makeup range. There is a formulation of mineral foundation for every skin type, ensuring that everyone can get radiant-looking skin. The skin-nurturing formula of our natural foundation products in our UK mineral makeup range helps both cover and correct the skin, enabling you to look healthy and fresh, with or without makeup.

What’s more, our natural foundation makeup products can also help protect the skin from environmental factors, giving you the security that your skin is safe from the harsher elements of daily life. Browse our range of best selling mineral foundations which are free of Parabens, such as our luminous liquid foundation product, and get yourself a professional-grade, mineral foundation today. Check our Foundation for Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin.

What is mineral based foundation?

Mineral foundation is a form of natural foundation makeup that has been produced using naturally occurring minerals such as mica, zinc oxide, ultramarine, and titanium dioxide. Before these minerals even touch your skin, they are put through a triple-milling process; all of the mineral-based foundation products in the Glo Skin Beauty UK range are made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with the highest health and safety standards in place.

All of our natural foundation UK customers are important to us, and we will never cut corners by using filler agents or risky chemicals in our formulations. We also never allow animal testing on any of our products or the ingredients we source, which is another reason why our mineral powder foundation products are becoming so popular.

Is mineral foundation good for your skin?

In short: yes, natural, mineral based foundation is great for your skin when compared to the more traditional forms of cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics are often used after surgery, chemical face peels, and similar procedures, as well as in salons and spas after other procedures such as waxing. Going natural is favoured in these cases because the products usually contain zinc and other ingredients which can naturally soothe the skin.

However, just about everyone can benefit from natural skincare products, regardless of surgeries or other procedures, because they are simply better for you. Those who are suffering from acne will usually have fewer full breakouts because the skin is allowed to breathe without clogged pores. There are also multiple natural foundation products with ingredients designed specifically for people with oily or dry skin in the Glo Skin Beauty UK range.

Mineral foundation pros and cons?

There are many benefits of using natural foundation makeup products, and they are generally recommended as being a safer alternative to traditional cosmetics, but there are a couple of drawbacks as well.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Natural cosmetic products such as mineral foundation contain no talc, which is commonly used as a bulking agent in traditional cosmetics. So, simply put, you get more for your money.
  • Skin conditions: If you are suffering from rosacea, acne, or sensitive skin, mineral based makeup will be a better choice. For a start, it doesn't clog your pores so you'll have fewer breakouts, and it's non-irritating so you can more easily cover rosacea marks. Sensitive skin will love it too, because it can breathe without being exposed to harsh chemicals with our talc free foundation range.
  • Durability: You may not be able to go for as long without reapplying when using mineral foundation. This is because traditional makeup contains many ingredients that help it stick to the skin better.
  • Colours: There is a smaller variety of colours and shades available with mineral based foundation. This is generally only a problem for those with darker skin.