Dry Skin Foundation Products

Those who suffer from dry skin tend to see foundation as something that worsens their existing condition.

The typical foundation product is riddled with chemicals that could cause your skin to dry out even more, so what you need is a foundation specifically suited to your dry skin condition.

We at Glo Skin Beauty UK have a collection of foundation liquids, powders and creams, formulated from the finest ingredients, suitable for those who suffer from dry skin.

What makes a good foundation for dry skin?

For those with dry skin conditions, choosing an ideal foundation can be a nightmare. But there are some things you could consider, to start off with.

Choosing a foundation that works to hydrate and moisturise the skin would be a good way to ensure you can apply your foundation without drying out your skin even more.

Our Luminous Liquid Foundation is formulated specifically with special moisturising agents to help with both easy application of the foundation, but also helps with the skin condition itself with the additional hydration provided.

Our Luminous Liquid foundation is specifically good for dry skin, because not only does it have moisturising agents within, it also provides SPF 18 UV protection to help prevent the sun rays from drying out the skin - also formulated with antioxidants, skin-friendly vitamin E, and Green Tea Extract to help keep skin healthy and “Glo”-ing.

Our natural foundations for dry skin also don’t contain any harmful chemicals or parabens (from commonly used preservatives) that may exasperate your dry skin, so you’re safe there.

How to prep dry skin for the application of foundation

For those with dry skin, applying foundation isn’t as simple as it could be for someone without dry skin.

Initially, you’d need to prep the skin. For this, you could use one of our natural exfoliators, such as our Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant.

Once your skin is exfoliated and your pores are clearer, follow up with the application of one of our natural moisturisers, to reimburse the skin’s moisture.

Once the skin is moisturised it is then ready for the application of primer, for this you’d use one of our specialised primers for dry skin.

The primer would allow for the smoother application of the foundation for dry skin. After putting on the primer, you can then freely apply the foundation product to suit your ideal look.