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Glycolic Acid Products UK

Give your skin that extra TLC it needs with Glo Skin Beauty UK’s mineral-based glycolic acid skincare range.

With our unique formulations, our glycolic acid products are perfect for exfoliation, specialised skincare products to help you clear the complexion at the highest grade.

Our glycolic acid product range includes natural cleansers, creams and toners of the finest quality; all formulated with ingredients void of toxic ingredients commonly used in beauty products, such as talc and parabens.

Browse our range of glycolic acid skincare products, ideal for those suffering from the symptoms of ageing skin, like wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

What does glycolic acid do for the face?

Commonly used as an ingredient in exfoliator products, glycolic acid is a natural substance, derived from cane sugar. It belongs to a group of acids called alpha-hydroxy acids and works wonders on the skin.

How it works is it breaks down the bonds that hold skin together. This allows your dead skin cells to easily be stripped away, leaving behind younger, more youthful looking skin.

These properties allow this substance to be used safely in our natural skincare products to help reduce signs of ageing, as well as working to improve the appearance of scars as well as hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic acid also has an amazing property where it can provide moisture for the skin, by transferring water vapour from the air. Glycolic acid can benefit the face by boosting collagen production.

Collagen is the main structural protein in skin and can help to maintain firmness and prevent wrinkles in the face; It is commonly used in facial skincare products to help users achieve their ideal complexion.

Is glycolic acid dangerous?

The name itself, “Glycolic acid” does sound rather sinister, but we can assure you, our facial products containing glycolic acid are perfectly safe to use.

Our skincare products that contain glycolic acid range from low percentages of 7% to 10%; with 10% being a safe amount, our natural glycolic acid products are even suitable for daily use.

Glycolic acid is safe for use for virtually every skin type however, those suffering from rosacea and have sensitive skin should avoid using it.

Glycolic acid products do tend to make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so it would be wise to bear that in mind if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. Make sure you use a quality, preferably natural UV protector product after its application.

Those who have had bad experiences with glycolic acid skincare products, are likely to have used a product that contained harmful chemicals that irritated the skin. Luckily our natural skin product range does not contain any harmful chemicals that could potentially harm the skin.