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Green Tea for Skin

If you have been browsing around the various products here at Glo Skin Beauty UK and looking at the ingredients, you may have noticed that we love green tea extract and our green tea skin products! It's in a wide range of products we provide, from concealers and natural foundations to toners and even lipstick, so you may be interested to know a little bit more about it and why it has become so popular in the makeup world.

We'll get to the specifics next, but it's important to note first of all that green tea skin products have proven benefits – it's not just a phase we're going through with no evidence.

Benefits of green tea skin products

There are many benefits of our natural green tea skin products, whether it is ingested or applied topically in the form of an extract, but here at Glo Skin Beauty we are focused on the topical treatments as it is a much more effective method.

Green tea extract provides a great source of antioxidants, and the antioxidant EGCG in particular, which helps to prevent damage from sun exposure. Preventing this damage has the added side effect of making you look younger as well.

Another benefit of green tea makeup and other green tea skin care products is that it's so gentle, and provides anti-inflammatory properties. This is particularly useful in products that are formulated for use on sensitive skin and those with acne or rosacea because it can reduce redness and swelling.

On the subject of acne, you'll be happy to know that green tea is an anti-bacterial that will help prevent the spread of infection.

What are green tea skin products good for?

As mentioned above, products containing green tea are great as part of a treatment for many skin issues. When dealing with rosacea, for example, it is very important for the skin to stay calm. Any harsh chemicals or unusual conditions are likely to inflame the skin, which makes green tea such a valued ingredient for being both natural and gentle.

In the case of acne-prone skin, the green tea extract in our products helps by unclogging pores and fighting bacteria. And again, as with rosacea, it's important that all of this is done in a nice and natural way to prevent inflaming your condition.

Green tea and beauty go hand-in-hand, and has also been shown to help clear some of the signs of ageing, such as dark spots and other issues, which is why it's included in many of our face products that are designed for use around the eyes.